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Cheap Bali Villas Getting Popularity

Article by dharma putra

Holiday villas in Bali have become a popular alternative to Hotels and B&BS for tourists going on holiday. Advantages include greater privacy, the opportunity to cater for oneself, a more homely feel, more space and better value for money for groups and families. With so many opportunities to rent holiday accommodation in location like Seminyak, Jimbaran, Canggu and Ubud, dont forget Sanur also then how do you choose just one property and get the most bang for your buck?

If budget is your concern why dont start by searching on google by terms of “Cheap bali villas”. You can see several Bali agents will list their properties under this category which now getting more and more properties build up or downgrade to this market segmet.

Cheap Bali villas means the villas listed on those website has price range starting from 0 to max 0 or even 0. Some people will see the price a bit high but just browse and explore what those private villas listed are offering. Most will offer more room and services which before only cater for higher and luxury villas market. You will see some of them offering a 5-6 bedrooms just for maximum of 0 a night. That surely will save you more money.

Remember not just browsing and exploring one website, in order to get most bang for your buck, YOU MUST look at other website under “cheap Bali villas” search terms. Not all agents has the same properties some of them has more villas listed on their website and some other only listed a few. Some of them will list the same villa but with different prices. Be careful in picking just the cheapest villa you can find, you must look at the agent who representing the villas. Villa rental agents has an association who make sure all agents follow the same rule and has the same rule for cancellation policies. Just find the BVRA logo on those website, its the safest way to book villas in Bali. Enjoy your holiday!

About the Author

Dharma serves as online marketing consultant of Find Bali Villas and Bali Villas

Getting around the island – Top 5 types of transportation on Bali

Article by Matt Verbaan

Ok, you’ve arrived at the airport. Where to go now? Here are the 5 transportation options from the airport and beyond…

#1 Airport TaxiIf airport transportation is not included in your hotel reservation or you haven’t got a phone number of a private Bali driver, then there is only one option: the Airport Taxi. After travelling to many places in Indonesia I can say that the taxi’s at Bali airport are the most organized.

All you have to do is find the Taxi counter, tell them where you want to go, pay the gentelmen behind the counter who then points you to the driver. That’s it! No negotiating, not sudden extra costs once you are at your destination. It’s ofcourse one of the most expensive fare you will pay but then again…compared to home it’s not much.

#2 Regular TaxiThere are many taxis driving around town looking for passengers. So you just have to look over your shoulder and there is already one who has spotted you. When you get in make sure you ask the driver to turn on the meter, unless you know the prices and want to negotiate a cheaper fare.

#3 Private driverAll over Bali you can arrange a private driver who will take you where ever you want to go. You can hire one to get to a destination, for a couple of hours or for a whole day. Prices vary but expect to pay max Rp. 500.000 per day for a private driver that you met along the street or through a agent desk. If you arrange one at the hotel desk it can get more expensive.

#4 Rent a car or motorbikeDriving in Bali can be tricky especially if you are not used to driving at places where rules are not taken to consideration. But renting a car does take you to places whenever you want. So there is more freedom when driving yourself.

My favorite transportation is the motorbike. It’s easier to drive around in the villages (you can drive into alleys and avoid traffic) plus you can experience the smell and hear the surrounding more. But then again, when you are standing at a traffic light under the burning sun you tend to look envious to the passenger sitting in the aircon car which is waiting next to you.

#5 BikeThis is for the die hards because Bali is pretty hilly. So from my experience is best not to take the bike on a day tour (unless you join the many Bike tours but then you only go downhill). Instead hire a bike if you want to get around the village easily.

In Kuta it would be easier to get to restaurants located a bit further away, like in Seminyak or Legian. This is also the case for Sanur, because the main road in this village seems to go on and on if you are on foot. So a bike makes everything less far away…

About the Author

Matt Verbaan has travelled to Bali many times and after seeing all the amazing sights, staying at great hotels, eating a wonderful restaurants and enjoying the Balinese culture he has created his own Bali travel website. To read more about the best way to see all the things in Bali go to

Getting A Tour Guide and Driver in Bali

Article by Putu

Bali has been known for a long time as one of the favorite tourist destination in the world. There are many things to see and touring in Bali is an interesting journey to embark. There are many places to visit ranging from beaches, cultural towns, temples, lakes and rice terraces. You can go an a programmed tour that you organized with your travel agent. They laid a plan for you to visits beautiful places and allotted time for you to visit those places. All you need to do is just sign up with the tours and pay everything in advance including all the entrance tickets and donations. The downside is that you have limited time to visit places. Say you want to stay longer in one place, but since the time is up you will have to rush to the next place.A different way of touring in Bali is by hiring a tour guide and driver to take you around Bali. With a driver and a tour guide, you have more flexible schedule and itinerary.You can design your own itinerary freely. You can allocate more time in places that you like the most. You can stay shorter time in places that you don’t find interesting. Or even just skip it.If you like shopping for souvenirs, you can spend more time in the market or shops. You don’ t need to worry that your tour leader ask you to hurry up because time is up. In contrast, if you like photography and hate shopping, you can adjust your itinerary. Forget about markets if you like to visit more scenery. So, it is entirely up to you to decide. You can even change your plan on the spot. It means that if you see something interesting on the way, you can just stop if there is enough time.Many tour guides and drivers are now available to contact on the Internet. This will make your job easier to find them.You can read information about them in their websites or blogs. See what they have to offer. You can also read past customers review that have used their service.This will ensure you pick up the right tour guide and driver for your tour in Bali.

About the Author

Putu is a tour guide and driver in Bali. You can visit his website to get more information about travel in Bali, tour tips, bargaining and life style info at Bali Tour Guide and Driver website.

Getting Away? Why You Should Consider Villas To Rent

A villa is something more like a summer estate when it has all the amenities of a regular household and subsidiary buildings.  It is often a large luxurious country house that a well-to-do-person invests in. Villas are normally recommended for those who plan to stay over a long period of time.

Advantages of staying in villas to rent

Full time staff – A personalised butler can be provided upon request by the customer at certain establishments. If you live a busy life and want things to be taken care of by others, there are villas that will provide you with full time staff.

Comfort and informality – Villas are designed to look like an ordinary home. With its subsidiary buildings, you feel the comfort of your home and will have neighbours.

Local meals – Local and simple foods can be cooked according to your preference.

Cheaper – renting a villa, especially if you’re vacationing as a group, is much cheaper than a hotel. Plus you have the choice of doing house chores yourself or employing full time staff to look after you.

Why stay in a villa?

Eco Aware – Most villas are available for summer getaways and other occasions where you simply need to escape from your busy life. And what’s one way to do that? Commune with nature. Villas are commonly country homes and have simple amenities just like a household.

City Escape – A Villa is a good vacation spot when you want to leave the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Walk into town – Villas are commonly located in non-crowded locations but are still near the town area where you can sightsee or go to the market within a reasonable walking distance.

Room with a view – Some villas are located on mountain sides or on slopes where you get the best view in town. It relaxes your mind and keeps you calm waking up every morning with an excellent surrounding.

Sensible for seniors – Senior citizens who have low tolerance for pollution and city life can spend their time in villas quite comfortably. With all the subsidiary buildings, one may think it is a miniature town wherein they can take a walk every morning.

Perfect for weddings – Wedding receptions are perfect in villas, especially those that are on the beach. If you want to avoid the confines of a hotel or a city wedding reception, try the villas where you can have all the space you need.

Romantic retreats – Through the years, honeymooners have opted to stay in a hotel; the new trend is villas to rent. Most villas are either facing the sea or facing the mountainous side of the country where the sun rises. Either way, they both offer a romantic setting for couples to relax and enjoy each others company.

Great for groups – Villas can accommodate a large number of people. If you wish to take a vacation on groups, you may want to consider renting a villa as it serves several customers without confining them to just one large room.

Are you going away this year and need to find some Villas to Rent? Home and Holiday Lettings is a Middlesbrough based company that will be able to help you find the perfect villa for your holiday. For more information please visit the website at

Bali Travel Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Travel

Bali’s varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides provide a picturesque backdrop to the colorful and deeply spiritual culture of this \”Island of The Gods.\” Below are a few questions that are commonly asked plus tips on the do’s and don’ts of Bali Travel.

1/ Do you need a visa for travel to bali?
In general you don’t need to get a visa before you to Bali from most countries. A visa costs approximately US for 7 days/US for 30 days. If you have a Hong Kong SAR or Macau SAR passport, then you will get a free visa.
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia, and you must have proof of onward passage (either return or through tickets). If you cannot fulfill both of these requirements, you may not be allowed to enter the country.
The Visa on Arrival is non-extendable and cannot be converted into a different visa. Once you disembark, you will come to an area where you buy your visa. (Do not miss this section).  AFTER you have paid for and received your visa you THEN to proceed to Immigration where your visa will be processed.

2/ Is it safe to travel to Bali?
On October 12, 2002, the most commercialized, southern area of Bali came under attack by terrorists. The Kuta Beach tourist area is often referred to as \”Little Australia\” by the local people because it is known to primarily cater to Australian tourists and surfers. This shocking tragedy sent the message around the world that no tourist destination is completely safe in our dangerous times. What a disappointment to all who have come to deeply appreciate the hospitable Balinese people and their culture. But the intent of the perpetrators was to strike at Western revelers and their commercialism. Since Bali as a whole is primarily unscathed by such ugly decay, the Balinese culture remains untouched. However, the impact on the tourist economy has not been minimal. In recent years, tourism has contributed significantly to the financial well-being of the island and even to Indonesia as a whole. Swift efforts by the government to ensure a speedy recover are underway. Strict security measures have been implemented. Some countries have already lifted travel warnings implemented, and tourism to Bali is again on the rise.

3/ Do I need a License to drive or Ride in Bali?
Yes. If you live in Australia, then the best way to do this is to see your NRMA branch and apply for an International Drivers License which will cost you for one year. Other countries: see your roads and traffic authority to apply for an international licence.This is easy to do, will save you the headaches of police fines and problems; and will be a lot easier than applying for a temporary license once you get to Bali as this takes a full day in Denpasar filling in applications and doing the test.

More Bali Tips:
• Change money at a reputable looking location, use your own (or the hotel’s) calculator before changing!
• Drink a lot of bottled water and eat lots of fresh fruit – do your body a favor.
• Be careful with your belongings at all times. Crime is on the increase and can ruin your holiday. Cases of handbag snatching have been reported, so leave important documents in your hotel safe and wear your bag across your shoulders!
• Try not to step on offerings in the street (walk around them).
• Respect the slow pace of processions when stuck behind one, i.e. don’t honk!
• Haggle when buying (except on price-tagged goods.)
• Buy ‘Imodium AD’ to relieve bouts of Bali belly.
• Have a great holiday in Bali!

• Forget to take your passport (or a photocopy of your ID).
• Do drugs! It can carry the death penalty, and there are enough foreigners residing in Bali courtesy of the Govt. Prison service!
• Touch people’s heads – it is very offensive to Hindus.
• Enter a temple during menstruation. Sorry Ladies!
• Forget to put salt on your food & drink water – you will probably sweat a lot.
• Worry too much about the ice – its government-quality controlled in established bars and restaurants.
• Forget to look and listen while you cross the road. Cars may stop, motorbikes may not!
• Forget to reconfirm your flight 72 hours prior to flying.

By following these tips, you will get the most out of your holiday with the least amount of hassles. Have a great trip and enjoy!

To learn much more about traveling to Bali, please visit Bali-Vacation Packages where you’ll find much more, including the benefits of Bali Vacation Rentals

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