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China Suzhou Amusement Land Travel Guide And Tips

Article by Shane Lee

Suzhou Amusement Land is one of the first groups of national AAAA level scenic spots. Over the past few years, it has been developed as s well-known combined system with travelling and leisure services in the nation, which has possessed five worlds including Happy World, Water World, Candyland World, Wetland World and Hot Spring World.

Happy World occupies 540000 square meters, with the attractions of the natural landscape and the modern rides as the main part. Besides, the imported projects such as Suspended Looping Coaster, Space Shot, and Tornado are really popular among the tourists. Full-fare: RMB 130 for adult (above 1.4 meters), Child tickets: RMB 70 for Children (between 1.1 meters and 1.4 meters), Free for kids under 1.1 meters. Address: Mountain Lion, New District, Suzhou, China. Customer Service Tel: 0512-68717107.

Water World occupies 80000 square meters with oriental bathing culture as its theme, combining exciting water rides and a rich blend of leisure health and sports product. Immersed into the charming garden with the Bali style, tourists are enjoying all kinds of experiences such as sports, entertainment, fitness, gourmet food. Address: No.162, Yushan Road, New District, Suzhou, China. Customer Service Tel: 0512-68717107.

Candyland World, occupying 7300 square meters, is a theme park exclusively designed for kids aged 2-12. The park, centering on candy, combines fantastic colorful packaging, equipment as well as meaningful plots. It works as an indispensable gift for children’s happy growth. Children’s ticket: RMB 60 (Monday to Friday); RMB 80 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). Adult’s ticket: RMB 20. Address No. 162 Yushan Road, Water World Commercial Plaza A area, New District, Suzhou, China. Customer Service Tel: 0512-68717241.

Hot Spring World is located in Shushan Village, a natural eco-village, which boasts beaufitul environment and convenient transportation. The whole Scenic Area, occupying 22 acres, divided into comprehensive service area, indoor spa and outdoor Japanese hot spring area, will be open to public in 2011, With the exception of the water-spa pool, the Dead Sea bath, fish-spa bath, which are really popular, there is a scenic waterfall with great amounts of magnificent large plastic stones creating waves, an aquatic fountain disco with light, sound and electricity, a behemoth bowlish slide, and many other recreational projects presented one by one. This is a large-scale indoor hot spring resort for all seasons. Address: Shushan Village, New District, Suzhou, China.

Tips(1). You can book your tickets online. This will help you to save some time waiting in the line at the entrance of the Suzhou Amusement Land.(2). There are many exciting games in the Suzhou Amusement Land. Not suitable for the heart disease patients.(3). The Candyland World is a perfect place for kids. Most kids love the little train game in it.(4). Waiting in the line for the games is very time consuming. You can choose to visit here in the workdays. It will be very boring if you come here in the big Chinese holidays (too many people in these days).

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Annie Payne from Indojet discusses how Bali is a great destination for family holidays and some of the tips and ideas for travelling with kids to Bali.
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Black Pebble Tile – Valuable Tips!.

Article by Paul Hendrix

Black Pebble Tile isn’t just about simple transforming – it is about bringing different style and atmosphere into your home design. The neatest thing about these panels is that installing them needs no special technical skills. The following article will explain how by trying these nature-made panels you may be able to transform any surface at home.Some background infoBlack Pebble Tile is about mixing similar looking naturally polished stones that are fixed onto a sq/ft mesh backing. It sort of feels like the hottest tiles are those originated from the shores of the exotic Bali. This type of tiling methodology helps you to simply redecorate anywhere in the house: Shower bases, bog walls and floors (including sink walls), kitchen walls, borders, terrace floorings, fireplaces and even swimming pools and decks.Valuable tips+ To appreciate the wonderful thing about these nature-made panels, it is commended on removing the excess grout with a wet sponge. Of course, you wish to expose the maximum amount of the stones as possible.+ In order to maintain these natural stones correctly, it is suggested to apply sealants each 2 – 3 years.+ Using grout should be handled carefully so it is commended to grout a little area at a time. AdvantagesThis tiling methodology positively transforms surface decoration fast and effective, providing many significant advantages:+ Simply installed over existing surfaces such as old ceramics or plain concrete.+ Can be employed on surfaces at home that have high traffic and that need a product that looks good and can stand up to a large amount of action.+ It can simply be altered to little / narrow surfaces where other fixed size tiles such as conventional ceramic tiles can’t. SummaryBlack Pebble Tile redecoration isn’t just about a boring technical installation; it is fun and full of satisfaction. We could easily find many other advantages supplied by this easy DIY remodeling methodology, just because you quickly discover the wide variety and opportunities provided by these nature-made panels. If you want to achieve success with your first installation it is counseled to check the above advices just as you are ready to start with installation.Pebble Tiles – How to Install Them Add a Virtual Spa to Your Work Place Choosing The Best Pebble Tile Design For YouChoosing Your Pebble Tile Design.

About the Author

Paul Hendrix writes regularly about home related topics. I hope you enjoy this article.

Tropical Weddings: Tips for a Wedding in Bali

Article by Sofie De

Are you considering a romantic destination wedding for your big day? Today many couples are opting for tropical weddings and combining their wedding ceremony; many times a beach wedding, with their honeymoon vacation

Destination weddings are popular at many romantic resorts in Bali, Tahiti, the Caribbean, Mexico, Fiji, Hawaii and Costa Rica wedding destinations. Most Resorts will have a wedding coordinator on site to work with you to plan your destination wedding, or if you prefer, you may want to organize a beautiful private villa. In this case, you can seek an independent wedding planner or on booking your luxury villa may find that the management may be able to help you organize your wedding.

As more couples plan and pay for their own weddings, they want to have a casual, unique celebration and combine it with their honeymoon. Imagine having your family and close friends in a warm tropical setting with a spectacular sunset over the ocean and gentle ocean breezes filling the air. Next to you is the love of your life, passionately vowing their commitment and devotion to you.

Inviting Your Guests:When planning a destination wedding, make sure to send out invitations far in advance. After all, the majority of your guests will have to make some monetary and social calculations before they reply to your RSVP. If you are worried that too many guests will be unable to attend, remember that you may have the wedding ceremony at the destination of you choice and you can then hold the reception at a more convenient, albeit less exciting, location.

Marriage Laws, Licenses and Certificates for Bali:Bali is part of the Republic of Indonesia and is subject to Indonesian Laws. Every couple considering getting married in Bali must comply with these Laws.

In accordance with Law No. 1 of 1974 concerning marriages in Indonesia (Article 2 (1): “a marriage is legitimate if it has been performed according to the laws of the respective religious beliefs of the parties concerned.”

All couples who marry in Indonesia must declare a religion. Agnosticism and Atheism are not recognized. The Civil Registry Office can record marriages of persons of Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian-Protestant and Christian-Catholic faiths. Marriage partners must have the same religion; otherwise one partner must make a written declaration of change of religion.

The Religious Marriage under Islam is performed by the Office of Religious Affairs (Kantor Urusan Agama) in a ceremony at a mosque, the home, a restaurant, or any other place chosen by the couple and is legal immediately after the ceremony.

Christian, Hindu or Buddhist marriage is usually performed first in a church or temple ceremony. After the religious ceremony, every non-Islamic marriage must be recorded with the Civil Registry (Kantor Catatan Sipil). Without the registration by the Civil Registry these marriages are not legal. Recording by Civil Registry officials can be performed directly at the religious ceremony for an additional fee.

Persons of non-Islamic faith are required to file with the Civil Registry Office in the Regency where they are staying first a ‘Notice of Intention to marry’ as well as a ‘Letter of No Impediment’ obtained from their consular representatives.

For the issue of the Letter of No Impediment to Marriage by your Consular Representative you will need to present for yourself and your fiancé, your Passport(s) valid for more than 6 months and Certified Divorce Decrees (absolute/final) and/or Death Certificates regarding the termination of all previous marriages. Please contact the Consular Representative of your country for details well before your intended date of marriage

What should your wedding planner provide you?* They should give full details of requirements and procedures for each of the appropriate nationalities.

* Help the wedding couple obtain your ‘Certificate of Non Impediment’ letter which will be issued by your Consulate or Embassy representative in Indonesia. For Canadian citizens, the Bali Adventure wedding assistant will take care of your Certificate of Non Impediment letter. For citizens of the USA and Australia it will be necessary to apply in person to your Consulate after arriving in Bali and the certificate is generally issued immediately. The Bali Adventure wedding assistant will assist with this process.

* Arrange the photographs that are required for the wedding certificate and documentation. Ensure that they are correct and adhere to authority requirements.

* Advise the Minister of any special requirement you may have requested such as special vows you may wish to say to each other, additional readings, ring exchange etc.

* Just prior to wedding date all arrangements should be reconfirmed with the Civil Registrar, the Minister and any other persons involved with your wedding ceremony.

* Attend your ceremony to ensure it’s a smooth procedure and to act as coordinator.

* Act as witnesses if you have no friends or family attending the ceremony

Planning your wedding in Bali can be challenging, considering the constraints on your time and the multitude of choices available. A good wedding planner will give you the assurance that your Wedding Day will be the one you have always dreamed of. A wedding has always been a sacred ritual and in Bali where magic and mysteries mix in harmony, the occasion would be just perfect.

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To learn much more about traveling to Bali, please visit Bali-Vacation Packages where you’ll find much more, including Seminyak Hotels

Ten Essential Tips For Bali Vacation

Article by Made Dertha

Bali is a small, beautiful island famed for its unique arts and cultures, enchanting nature and the friendliness of its people. Most people come to Bali to experience the marvelously rich cultural heritage; some come for the beaches and the waves, others for pure relaxation. Bali is situated in Indonesia, one of the best tourist destinations in Asia.

For those who plan to visit Bali, I herewith write Ten Essential Tips for Bali Vacation for your consideration.

1. To enter Bali, or Indonesia for that matter, make sure your passport is valid for six months upon entry into Indonesia, otherwise you’ll find yourself on the next plan out. You also must have proof of onward passage (i.e. a ticket out of Indonesia). Tourist, social and business visas can be obtained from any Indonesian embassy or consulate abroad. Citizens from Asian countries comprising Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippine and Laos do not require a visa, only a valid travel document. Visitors from some thirty countries are also provided with a 60-days tourist visa issued directly upon arrival. Consult your travel agent or airlines, mention your nationality.

2. Money matters: The rupiah is the basic unit of money. Foreign currency, in bank notes and traveler’s checks is best exchanged at major banks or authorized money changers. Do change money at a reputable looking location, use your own (or the hotel’s calculator before changing), as the ones used by some places can be “a little inaccurate”. Most important; always count your money before you leave the place. Traveler’s checks are accepted at all major hotels and large shops; some smaller shops will also accept them. Passport number is required. Do not forget to take passport (or a photocopy of your ID), with you at all time.

3. When changing large amounts of money please check each note carefully as there are a number of (noticeably) fake bills in circulation.

4. There have been a few cases of handbags being snatched after one has cashed money at banks or money changers. Put your money away in your “bum-bag” or hold onto your handbag tightly.

5. Credit cards and charge cards: To day many hotels, shops large and small accept plastic, with the proviso that an additional 3% is added onto your bill. However, when traveling to the village, take rupiah with you. Keep small change handy when riding in public transports or buying drinks at warung.

6. Make sure you either have personal insurance or travel insurance that will cover in any accidents. If you rent a car (must be with insurance), beware of motorbikes, as there are too many on the road. When you park the car, always remember to remove all your properties. Crime is on the increase and can spoil your holiday. Be careful with your belongings at all times. Cases of handbag snatching have been reported, so leave important documents in your hotel safe (carry photocopies). Do not forget to look and listen while you cross the road. Cars may stops, motorbikes may not!

7. Going to Bali, dress casually. Take light clothes, as the weather is warm-to – hot throughout the year. Remember Bali is a land where prayer and religious festivals take center stage. When visiting a temple or attending ceremonies, make it a point to respect local customs and traditions. Always wear a sarong and sash. Do not walk in front of people praying. Do not use a flash camera or point your camera to the priest’s face. Do try not to step on offerings in the street (walk around them). Women are not allowed to enter temples during menstruation.

8. Do not drug! It can carry the death penalty, and there are enough foreigners residing in Bali courtesy of the Government prison service.

9. Do not swim outside designated swimming areas on the beach, current/undertows can be very strong. Swim between the red and yellow flags. Don’t swim too far out. Do not leave your belongings unattended on the beach.

10. Health: International health certificates of vaccination against smallpox, cholera, and yellow fever are required only from travelers comprising from infected areas. Typhoid and paratyphoid vaccinations are optional but still advisable. Drink only distilled or mineral water, or water that has been boiled and eat a lot of fresh fruit – do your body a favor. Don’t worry too much about ice, it’s a government quality controlled in established bars and restaurants. Most people traveling through Bali get the infamous “Bali Belly” at some time or other. Taking and Imodium will stop you up. At the first time of discomfort (diarrhea and cramping), drink strong, hot tea and avoid all fruits and spicy foods. Taking charcoal tablets will help alleviate the cramping.

Bali is worth a visit, plan your vacation, go on line and book your preferred Bali hotels or contact your travel agent. Thanks you readers.

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Made Dertha was an English and Italian tour guide for many years in Bali, writes for Bali Turista where he is the Managing Director now. Visit &

5 Money Saving Tips for your Bali Vacation

Article by Anwar H

Despite what you may hear about global commodity price increases and inflation, Bali can still be a very inexpensive place to visit, provided you do your homework. While bargains may be increasingly hard to come by in the overdeveloped tourist oriented south of the island, the remainder of Bali remains a price-conscious traveller’s dream come true.

Here are a few tips for the frugal traveller in Bali:

Learn to bargain with shopkeepers! Expect to haggle at most open air markets and shops outside the upscale fixed-price stores in the South. Haggling is common for the locals of Bali, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join in the fun!Learn to love your local warung. Warungs are simple food stalls found all over Bali. They can provide an excellent dining experience at a fraction of the cost of your average meal at the hotel.Hiring a car with a driver can be very cheap in Bali, just make sure you hire somebody trustworthy who has been recommended by your hotel. Other inexpensive forms of travel in Bali include buses and rented motorbikes.If you look outside the few tourist dominated cities in Bali, you can often find great deals with smaller boutique hotels in less crowded parts of Bali.Not everything you do should cost money! There is no shortage of relaxing and rewarding activities you can take part in that won’t cost you a cent. These include taking in the sights, sounds and smells at the local open air market; observing (respectfully) a religious ceremony; going for a walk in the lush countryside; or just lazing about on the beach, soaking up the sun.

If you’re looking to invest in international property in Bali, then you should seriously consider Lovina Beach Resort in north Bali. Much more affordable than Bali’s tourist saturated south, Lovina Beach in the island’s north shore is a region with tremendous growth potential. A great Bali property investment opportunity right now, Lovina is a peaceful, quiet and green place to live with the added advantage of a low cost of living. Contact Louise at 65 9742 1164 or email her to enquire about owning your own prime beachfront property in north Bali.

About the Author

Situated in Bali’s north shore, Lovina is known for its peace, friendliness, beauty and affordability. Among the things to see and do in Lovina are dolphin watching, scuba diving, snorkelling, waterfalls, hot springs, beaches and ancient temples. For more information visit

Tips to Get The Cheapest Bali Holiday

Article by Dwix

Guys are you ready to fly over to Bali for the best vacation? The answer must be definitely a big YES. To get this best holiday many things should be prepared and considered from smallest thing to the biggest deal. Firstly, the plan for holiday should be fixed and calculated. Traveling in a group would be the best choice since it would save more money for extra expenses. The most importantly is enough information should be gathered about the destination, in this case Bali. Get as much as things about Bali. You may browse the Internet; ask friends who have been in Bali before, the places to go, tourist information spot, the accommodation, and many other things.Share with friends, if you happen to end up in a big holiday with friends is better! Togetherness is more essential than going solo. Soloist will never enjoy the vacation while fun and enjoyable moment will be with groups. Another benefit is everything can be shared. Hotel expense and meals can be cut into less than half. You may share a room with 2 up to 3 people together and so does meals. Besides, try to find small hotel around Kuta area which is the centre of entertainment. Around this place there are many home stay at the cheapest prices ever! You can make the best deal here for a place to stay.

Then for the meals, well you will be having a lot of chance to find cheapest restaurant in town. Many local restaurants offer international menus or Indonesian cuisines at local price in Kuta area. Wide selections are offered by the restaurants with their specialties. So, do not be afraid to surf Bali area for vacation before you try. Bali is not that expensive as long as you know where to go and what to search for. Apart from that, there are also international chain restaurant that offers promotion or special price for specific food. Not too hard to try right….

Then, holiday without shopping would never be perfect especially for some presents. There are some traditional markets that sell Balinese Handy crafts which are excellent as souvenirs for friends. At these places, not only cheap price but also good stuffs are here. However, you should better have the ability to bargain with the local vendors. Sometimes, when you do not bargain you will get bad price which is more expensive than mall’s rate. If you can do bargaining, things will be so cheap and easy to purchase. Good tip for you, pretend to go away if the vendor doesn’t give you the price you want. Then you will be called back to pay at your price! What else you can save during your vacation? Save a lot of money for transportation in Bali. If you decide to rent a car, it might be good however for better deal you may use the public transport here. The area around Bali Island is really safe. There is nothing to worry about. You may go around the city or to another suburban area by local public transports. You can also see the way people live while using the transport that might be missed from your sight if using private car. This is another way to enjoy your cheap Bali vacation and take things easy to content your holiday.

About the Author

Dwix is a luxury private accommodation provider in Bali.

Tips for planning a diving holiday efficiently

Article by Patrick Van Dun

Exploring aquatic wildlife is one of the most sought after pursuits of adventure lovers. Scuba diving is a good means to explore the subaquatic environment. It has evolved a lot lately and with better safety and modern equipments, scuba diving is an adventure that anyone can immerse into. There are abundant diving clubs all over the world where one can learn diving from the professionals. You can take your whole family on a diving holiday to the entrancing dive sites in Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil or New Zealand and inspect the subaquatic life at a point blank range. If you are contriving on a diving vacation, here are some tips that may come in handy.

Carry proper apparels before setting off on your diving vacation. On the beaches, you won’t shake with cold, so it isn’t necessary to carry a trunk load of warm clothes. Pack ample shorts and T shirts. You’ll need sandals and other footgear that would be well suited to wear at a seaside. Also carry enough undergarments as you will need to change them frequently. Do not forget to carry courtly clothes for the nights out or when seeing historical and religious places.

Besides basic article of clothing, you’ll need other outfits that you might require while diving. Carry your bathing suits and swimming trunks and carry at least 3 or 4 of them. Also carry water resistant jacket and life vest for you never know when you may land in an emergency situation. And most of all, carry right dive gear. You may also get one at the dive site but if you are planning on taking your own diving equipment, be sure it is in correct working order. Better get it maintained and checked properly. Or you can also pick a new one if your old scuba gear is already in ruinations.

Decide where you will be going for your diving holiday. If you don’t have many days at hand for a holiday, plan a trip to dive sites that aren’t very far away from your urban center or your country. If you have enough time, you can go miles and across the continents to dive sites in the most exotic destinations. The amount you can splurge on a holiday also pays a key role in the choice of a diving club. Diving Clubs in the European countries are much expensive than the ones in Asia. If you are on a tight budget, make a trip to Kingdom of Thailand or Bali where you can find enough diving clubs that are much low priced. Look on the internet and find out the diving clubs at a certain dive site, their charges and services etc. Learn about the diving experts at a diving clubs, the lessons they give, the safety measures they adopt etc.. There are lots of travel forums online where you may fortunately stumble upon the thread on the dive site you’re planning to go to. Read what others say about it and make a proper decision. Find the salient features of the dive site you’ll be visiting. Find out about sharks and dolphins that dwell in the area, the coral reefs, bottom dwellers etc. Again, rely on the internet to look for such data.

Some beaches are home to lots of worms. Mosquitoes and other parasites are common in many coastal areas; therefore it is better to carry insect repellents. Also carry a first aid kit and a small toolkit with the basic instruments. Don’t forget your Cam and binocular back home ; you’ll regret big time not having them at the dive site. Along with that, you can also carry your netbook for surfing the net enjoying the cool seaside breeze.

You can go alone or take your whole family on a diving holiday and plan it well to make it worthwhile.

About the Author

The author Patrick Van Dun is an Internet Marketing expert who co-ordinates writers, SEO experts and developers to get high rankings for dynamic websites like Fun Diving Clubs which is a directory of Dive Sites and diving clubs in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Cape Town, Muscat and other beautiful cities in the world.

Tips for buying or renting holiday homes

Article by Patrick Van Dun

You eagerly wait for the big day to come on which you’ll be embarking on a journey to your holiday home. Renting or buying homes at some place, miles away from homeland is trendy among Europeans these days. Such homes used to be possessed by the rich and well off in the past. But now with the surge in rental businesses, others also can think of buying or renting holiday homes. Before buying a holiday home, you need to work out a bit on where you want to purchase it, its locality, people and civilization of the place and more. Here are some tips that may help you purchase one.

The first and frontmost thing is that you should first determine is where you really should buy your holiday home. Generally coastal areas are more preferred when it comes to buying one. Some coastal areas are very herded with tourists and vacationists. If you want some sort of isolation where you can enjoy being with just your family, you should look out for places that aren’t very crowded, yet perfect for living. You can also think of buying a home in mountainous regions where you may not get to play at the beach but get the best of picturesque mountains and sweet air.

It is good to feel your pocket before deciding on purchasing a holiday house. Ready yourself and think how much you can spend for your holiday. Holiday homes come for different prices that vary by location, installations offered etc.. For example, if you are looking for purchasing holiday homes in Italy or England, you should be well prepared to spend a king’s ransom. If you want something cheaper but still want to own an exquisite place, you can look for one in Kingdom of Thailand or Bali. But wherever you buy one, make sure all basic amenities are at your disposal. Envisage you bought a holiday home and subsequently came to learn that there is no supply of electricity or communication at the place; nothing can be worse than that. Garner enough info on the people and culture of the place. Your decisiveness can alter upon working out that there are more diverse cultures and interesting people at a place than the other one. Make cyberspace your friend; learn about the local shopping malls, recreational centers and other places that you think are necessary. Also be certain that the location is well serviced by all air and road transportation system.

After buying a holiday home, you should take care of various things that might not be apparent in the beginning. You’ll have to take care of taxes and make sure that they are paid on time. In some countries, the rate of tax for land and other immovable asset is very high. Also make yourself clear on this and figure out beforehand if you’ll be able to afford it in the long run.

Some people buy homes with business motives. Buying homes and then renting them throughout the year is a great way to make easy money. If you are of the type, do proper research on the internet regarding things like the global recognition of a place, the cost of buying a holiday house in that location, availability of basic services at the place etc. Look at your holiday home from a client’s perspective because your holiday home should allure your potential customers. Focus on Unique Selling Points like beautiful views at the place, lavish room furnishing, availability of electricity and internet connectivity and all other things that will give your property an immediate merchandising value. Do wide research before buying a holiday home and maintain it properly after purchasing.

About the Author

The author Patrick Van Dun is an Internet Marketing expert who co-ordinates writers, SEO experts and developers to get high rankings for dynamic websites like Fun Holiday Homes which is a directory of holiday homes in Brittany, Geneva, Ontario and other beautiful cities in the world.

Travel Tips: Travel Scams To Be Aware Of

Top 12 Travel Scams And Travel Scams

Tyres and fliers

You are driving along the motorway when a driver draws alongside you, pointing to one of your tyres and gesturing to you to pull over. You stop on the hard shoulder and the other driver kindly pulls over to help. While you inspect the tyre, he lifts all your valuables from the front seat. A new version on this is when you return to your parked car and get in, only to see a flier stuck under the rear window wiper obscuring your view. So you jump out to remove it, thieves nip in and drive off in the car – more than likely taking your bag/shopping with it.

Tip: If you fear you have a flat tyre, try to continue until the next service station. If you do have to remove the flier, ensure your valuables are hidden. In both cases, always keep the car locked.

Metal detector

You place your laptop on the airport security scanner while waiting for a couple of people to pass through the metal detector. The first passes, but the second person triggers the alarm and laboriously takes out coins, jewellery and mobile phone from his pockets. By the time you go through, the first person has long gone, as has your laptop. Most prevalent in countries where you can go in and out of the departure area, such as the United States.

Tip: Never put your belongings on the conveyor belt unless the metal detector is clear.

Currency cons

Unscrupulous cashiers in banks or bureaus de change adopt suspect counting methods when handing over money to foreigners. With irregular pauses they miss out numbers in the countback in the hope that the tourist is not concentrating or does not understand. Another scam is to give someone the wrong currency when exchanging money for example, Czech koruna (50 to 1) instead of Polish zloty (six to 1) – or confuse them with one zero too few (think Turkish lira). More often than not, the tourist will fail to notice.

Tip: Find out about the currency and exchange rate before leaving (, pay attention to those zeros and insist on counting back your money in front of the cashier.

Hire or liar

It’s the end of your Bali holiday, you are in a rush to catch your flights, so you hurriedly hand back the keys to the hire car representative who gives you a nod and sends you on your way. Only when you arrive back home do you find your credit card has been charged for damage you never inflicted. This is increasingly prevalent in Europe.

Tip: Make sure you mark any damage before you hire the car and ensure you get a signature for the “all clear”, a copy of the paperwork before departing.

By day:

Travelling light

Crowded streets, malls, markets and railway stations are the obvious spots. While moving through the crowds you bump into a passer-by: you apologise and move on. It is only later that you notice you are travelling light – your keys, wallet or phone has gone.

Tip: Make sure your bag is zipped up. Never leave your wallet in a back pocket. Take what you need in a money belt and leave the rest in your hotel safe.

Compensation claim

Someone will bump into you in a crowded place, drop a pair of spectacles or a precious ornament (always previously broken), feign horror and claim to the world and his wife that you have to pay up for the damage. In some African countries, this scam extends to pedestrians bumping into your car and then writhing around on the ground while a hostile crowd asks for compensation.

Tip: Ask to resolve the situation at a police station or hotel reception the crook is more likely to give up the ruse.

Mess take

You are admiring the sights when you feel the unmistakable splat of bird droppings on your shoulder or perhaps you have something spilt on you by a clumsy passer-by. As you stop to examine the damage, an amiable local helps you clean off the mess, while cleaning out your wallet.

Tip: You could chain your wallet to your belt, but a money belt is the safest option.

Unfair cop

A man approaches you to ask for directions or to offer you a currency exchange or even drugs. Then two men appear, flashing badges and claiming to be police. They demand to see your passport and check your wallet for “counterfeit money”. When you hand them over the men either disappear into the crowd or one distracts you while the other relieves you of your cash. If you have been duped into changing money they may confiscate it, claiming that it is “counterfeit”.

Tip: If approached by police, insist on checking their photographic identification and accompanying them to the police station before handing anything over.

Snooze and lose

You are waiting for a train, plane or bus, with your bags by your side, and a passer-by “accidentally” drops a wallet, money or keys from his pocket. Being honest, you grab them and run after him to return it. Your bags, meanwhile, are long gone.

Tip: If you are alone, err on the side of caution, even if this means appearing rude.

By night:

Unlicensed taxis

It is late, you have had a few drinks and it is a long walk home there are no licensed taxis at the rank and a man is offers you a lift. The fare seems reasonable but you could pay a much heavier price. The consequences can range from simple muggings to murder.

Tip: Never, however tempting, get in an unlicensed taxi in a foreign city that you don’t know well, particularly if you are alone.

Bitter pill

While enjoying a few drinks in a Bali Hotel bar, you nip to the lavatory and return to finish your drink or perhaps you have just accepted a drink from a friendly stranger. Either way, that will be the last thing you remember: your drink has been spiked. Hours later you wake up to find your wallet has gone, or far worse.

Tip: Never leave your drink unguarded or accept a drink from a stranger unless you see it served by the barman.

Unwelcome reception

You’re settling down for an early night when your hotel room phone rings. It’s the receptionist apologising for the late hour but asking you to verify your credit-card details. You read them out and drift back to sleep. The caller, of course, was not the receptionist and your credit card is taking a pounding. A variation on this is someone approaching you in what appears to be hotel uniform, saying that he needs to make a photocopy of your passport for hotel records. You hand it over and he disappears.

Tip: Only give out your card number or passport in person at reception, never over the phone.

I hope this well make you more aware of the travel scams that exists and may put a damper on your holiday moods. Do read my Bali Travel Tips too, which is a good guide and Bali insight if you’re visiting Bali.

Anastasia Fiatmita was crowned Miss Bali 2003 and Miss Indonesia Tourism 2004. Born and bred in Bali, she now blogs regularly at Bali Travel Guide where she gives free Bali information, tips and Bali Hotel Review. Do visit her recommended project – Search For The Cheapest Hotel Rates Across All The Booking Websites With Just One Click

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