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What is heat rash?

Heat rash, also known as “prickly heat” or “summer rash,” is an eruption of little bumps (and sometimes tiny blisters) on the skin that can show up when your baby overheats. The bumps may appear red, especially on light skin. Children of all ages can get heat rash, but it’s most common in babies.

If your baby has heat rash, you’ll most likely see it in the folds of his skin and on parts of his body where his clothing fits snugly, including his chest, stomach, neck, crotch, and buttocks. If he wears hats, the rash may spread across his scalp or forehead.
Sick baby with caring mom

Is it serious? Find out fast
What causes heat rash?

Your baby sweats to cool down. If he sweats so much that his pores clog and sweat can’t get out, heat rash develops. (Babies and young children are particularly prone to heat rash because they have smaller pores than adults do.)

Hot, humid weather is prime time for heat rash, but you might see it in winter, too, if your baby is wearing too many layers of clothing or is running a fever. Sometimes a baby will get heat rash after a cough ointment is rubbed on his chest.
Is heat rash serious?

No, but it’s a sign that your baby is too warm. Overheating can lead to serious conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. And some studies suggest that a baby’s being too warm during sleep can contribute to SIDS.
Is heat rash painful for my baby?

No, it isn’t usually painful, but it can be itchy. Some of the bumps may be tender to the touch.
How should I treat heat rash?

Start by cooling your baby off. Loosen or remove his clothing, and move him into an airy room or a shady spot.

You might place him on a cotton towel, which can help absorb his sweat. Apply cool, wet washcloths to the areas affected by the rash. A lukewarm bath with a little baking soda — 2 teaspoons per gallon — can also help.

Let him air dry rather than rubbing him with a towel. And don’t use ointments or creams on the rash. These can make the rash worse by trapping moisture.

If it’s hot at night, use an air conditioner or a fan in your baby’s room. Direct the fan near your baby but not directly on him. Or place it far enough away so that only a gentle breeze reaches him. You want your baby to be comfortable, not chilled.

Trim your baby’s fingernails regularly sohe doesn’t scratch himself if the rash starts itching. You may want to put little socks on his hands at night so he won’t scratch himself while he sleeps.


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Celebrate Med-medan Festival Sesetan – Denpasar Bali

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On eastern culture, kissing in public is a taboo, but not in Banjar Kaja Sesetan, Southern part of Denpasar. There is a kissing festival called med-medan. It is held once a year, one day after Nyepi. Bali Packages Tour and Travel on can guide you to have this experienced.

On Med-Medan, there are two groups of teenagers, one group consisting of girls and the other consisting of boys. The Bleganjur (local musical instrument) follows both groups as they walk in ellipse form. The beat of the Bleganjur becomes faster. Then both groups have to stand face to face. They then become closer and closer to each other until, suddenly, the first person in every group kisses each other. After a couple of minutes both groups will bow down and some adult people, who behave almost like referees, pour water over them and the groups will separate.

The first person will be replaced by another and they will repeat again and again until all the group’s members have had their chance, to be the first person.The tourists who watch Med-Medan found that the festival is unique and a fun game. Unfortunately, this tradition is only for Banjar Kaja Sesetan residents. People outside this village can not join the game.

However, watching this festival is already a pleasure. No need to participate to feel the fun.

Med-Medan festival is based on good old story telling. There is a story about senior figure from an upper caste of the village feeling sick and needing a good rest. At Nyepi, people of his neighborhood organized games and created various noises that only ended in making him feel dizzy. He stepped out in order to disperse the crowd, but suddenly the ill figure felt cured from his sickness. Instead of stopping the people from having fun, he encouraged them to keep going. Since then, people uphold the tradition of playing med-medan at Nyepi.The festival has to be held once a year. No one dares to stop the Med-Medan tradition in Banjar Kaja Sesetan. If there is no Med-Medan after Nyepi day, there will be a disaster happend to the local people.

There is a story about a number of villagers who fell sick without good reason, after the village failed to perform the tradition during the 1960’s. Up until now, people believe that they must do the tradition to keep the misfortune away and mèd-mèdan is considered a sacred ritual, something that must be annually upheld.

Nowadays, the kissing ceremony has been transformed, from a fun game or communal activity into a sacred ritual. Its format has also evolved. It has become more and more organized, involving the youngsters of the village community. In the past, many youths were embarrassed to participate. But now, many of them think that join Med-Medan is their responsibility as young village community members.

Each year, the kissing ritual becomes more and more lively. Even the organizers accept sponsorship to fund the tradition.

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I enjoyed a breathtaking view of rice terrace in Mahagiri restaurant on the way to Sidemen. This movie shows some guest houses in Sidemen and the place where I tried to weave Songket. (March 2011)
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Watch Bali craftsmen take wood through the 5 steps necessary for it to become furniture, including the stain, seal, and wax process. This is a factory where we source handcrafted beds and other items constructed from solid woods, such as teak and mahogany.

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