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Preview of Adrian.gfc’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Sanur, Indonesia Entry Title: “Bali, Indonesia” Entry: “Arrived in Sanur, Bali after a mammoth 20 hour journey from London, absolutely knackered, but looking forward to nearly 3 weeks of solid scuba-diving. This was my 2nd visit to Bali, my first one being in September 2005. After checking into the lovely Swastika Bungalows in Sanur village, the first thing i realised was that i had forgotten to pack all my Dive ID cards & log books. Bugger. Thats torn it. Thankfully there was a savior in Kirsty at home, who managed to grab by Dive ID cards, scan them on her PC & email them to me in Indonesia, & i managed to get a copy of them printed off in the hope that the Dive Shop would accept it! Then she kindly arranged for Fedex express delivery to send my cards & log book, guaranteed in 5 days to our hotel in Bali. Maybe this was an omen for me not to dive this holiday…. Next problem: Flying out of Bali. Our cheap flight deal meant the flight from Bali did not suit us, so we were to change it when we arrived. Unfortunately, all flights on the day we needed to depart for Malaysia were full – owing to the 50th year Independence day celebrations on 31st August in Malaysia. So, before we could start enjoying ourselves, we needed to sort something out, & after 24 hours of huffing & puffing, Air
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Preview of Javalotustravel’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Yogyakarta, Indonesia Entry Title: “Java Bali Lombok Tour Package 10D9N” Entry: “Itinerary: DAY 01. ARRIVAL JAKARTA Meet and greet by your tour guide at Jakarta airport (Afternoon flight). Direct transfer to hotel for check in and stay overnight. DAY 02. JAKARTA CITY TOUR (B,L) Breakfast at hotel and proceed Jakarta city tour visiting National Museum, Sunda Kelapa old harbor, Old Batavia and China town at Glodok. DAY 03. JAKARTA – BANDUNG (B,L) After breakfast, check out and depart to to Bandung. Arrive in Bandung drive to Tangkuban Perahu volcano. See for yourself acrater of 2000 meter in diameter that lays at 1800 meter ASL. Upon completion this tour, then proceed to Bandung city, check in at hotel and free program at your leisure. Optional: Afternoon sightseeing around Bandung city, visit Merdeka building; a place for Asian African conference held in 1955, Geology museum; the home to various kinds of ancient stuff. Sate building; an Italian style of renaissance Spain and Siam building built in 1920, now utilized as a center of West Java provincial government. Last, take your time for a relax strolls along famous Bandung’s shopping street at Jalan RE Martdianata. DAY 04. BANDUNG – YOGYAKARTA (By train) (B) Morning breakfast, check out and depart to Bandung trin station to catch
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Preview of Mericanomad’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Bali, Indonesia Entry Title: “Bali…The land of beaches where you can’t swim” Entry: “There are so many preconceptions when it comes to Bali Amazing beaches, parties, sunsets, shopping, decadent food, Hinduism and temples. Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world with over 15, 000 islands made by volcanoes. It seems there are world class disasters here every year. It’s hard to classify that many islands and cultures as one country, that’s why there have been so many dictators in Indonesia’s history, unity through the old iron fist. They recently lost East Timor to independence and are likely to lose more as they stride towards democratization. Indonesia is mostly Muslim, the largest Muslim nation in the world and has the 4th largest population in the world. However, the people of Bali aren’t Muslim. They are a distinctly different culture than the people of Java, Indonesia’s second largest island and most populated. Java has Jakarta, dubbed the “Big Durian” and most of the country’s history. Sumatra is the biggest island, but the most devastated by the Boxing Day Tsunami that usually gets associated with Thailand. Indonesia lost over 220000 lives, Thailand around 5395 with another 2000 missing, but some were of European decent so the media deemed them worthy and thus Thailand

Hop on a Cruise and Bask in the Numerous Island Paradises in and around Bali and Flores

Article by Exotissimo Traveler

Ok, picture this. You’re in an island paradise in Bali. You’re kicking back, having a good time and just enjoying every second of this experience. But, you have a lot of time in your hands and might just yearn for a little exploration. And why not? After all, Indonesia has over 17,000 islands. There’s got to be some paradises that can either match or even exceed Bali. And guess what, you are right. So, hop on a boat and let’s do some exploring in around the island of Flores.

Say hello to the Katharina, your boat and home for the next nine days. From here, we’ll reveal just a small fraction of what Indonesia is. These are still some of the most beautiful areas of the country, nonetheless. Cast off and set sail east towards the Gili Islands. Small and free of today’s modern conveniences like cars and motor bikes, the waters around them are blue and full of marine life. Dive in there and see for yourself.

Your sailing continues. You’ll visit a whole ton of islands, some tiny some moderate in size with time to visit the area’s resident sea gypsies. You’ll also get a few hours to yourself. And what can you do during that time? Perhaps a swim, snorkel (diving can always be arranged, by the way) or just plain old relaxing by the boat. Your holiday, your choice. A special mention goes out to Rinca island. Why? That’s because it is your spot for wildlife exploration. That’s right; you’ll see wildlife in its natural setting with both a seaside and land experience.

If you are one of those skeptics who think dragons do not exist, well head over to Komodo. You must’ve heard of the Komodo Dragon, right? Well, believe in them because dragons are real! These giant lizards are rare and only live in these parts. From here, we’ll take you to Red Beach. And yes, the name rings true to its surroundings. The sand is red here. Our next port of call is Gili Lawa where you can hike to the top of a small summit for breathtaking views of the Komodo Archipelago and mainland Flores.

Before you go, we’ll make your last night memorable. We’ll anchor off Pulau Kromo on the northwest coast of Sumbawa for a farewell party with the Katharina crew. As the night starts to kick in, see thousands of fruit bats. Nothing to be frightened of. They are just migrating to the mainland for the evening. Continue on with your party.

Rise up and enjoy your last moments onboard the Katharina as your cruise concludes at Benoa Harbor in Bali before sunset.

A vast country like this surely has limitless touring opportunities, right? Check out our Indonesia tours page and be inspired!

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Established in 1993, Exotissimo Travel is a well known Tour Operator in Asia. We have the expertise and connections to create your perfect inspirational tours as well as customized programs in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia and Japan at the best possible price. Your experience guarantees stops to the main sites as well as the hidden spots, giving you a true sense of the culture and rewarding you with unforgettable memories.

Need a driver and guide in Bali that you can trust? Want to see the real Bali, not the Bali they show most tourists because of the easy roads…? Need aiport transportation? Call or e-mail me, Made Arpana, and be sure to mention “video” for a discount… +62 81 23 67 15 36

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Denpasar, Indonesia by TravelPod blogger Deanandliz titled “Bali – land of temples and smiles” Deanandliz’s travel blog entry: “Sanur – Dive course – PADI Open Water 3 days training and 1 fun dive day Sat: Picked up at 0725 for the dive course, and had our first glimpse of Bali with daylight. Temples, lots of temples, not necessarily big, but plenty all the same where people leave offerings of flowers and incense. Dive school was down a super narrow alley opening up into courtyard and pool where we met Paul (Dean dive instructor). Dean’s skills went well and Paul made it fun by underwater races and break dancing as well as being precise, organised and professional. Great to be back in 30C heat instead of 11C in Sydney! Sun: more of the same, Lizzie relaxing by the pool, Dean on his dive course. Changed accommodation to be just opposite the dive centre in a beautiful hotel Puri Sidha Mertha. Mon: Off on a 2.5hr mini bus ride passing paddy fields, little villages and great scenery to Tulamben. The best thing about Bali, everyone is happy..even in a traffic jam you can see smiles and laughter. A very happy place – we love it. Dean went diving and Lizzie snorkeled the wreck, saw a massive shoal of Jacks and felt dizzy from them swimming around and around you! Dinner with Paul, Mandy, Laura (who is Trini and predictably a distant relative of a Kelshall, parents cousins or something.. small world) and Tom. Dean qualified as a
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Getting around the island – Top 5 types of transportation on Bali

Article by Matt Verbaan

Ok, you’ve arrived at the airport. Where to go now? Here are the 5 transportation options from the airport and beyond…

#1 Airport TaxiIf airport transportation is not included in your hotel reservation or you haven’t got a phone number of a private Bali driver, then there is only one option: the Airport Taxi. After travelling to many places in Indonesia I can say that the taxi’s at Bali airport are the most organized.

All you have to do is find the Taxi counter, tell them where you want to go, pay the gentelmen behind the counter who then points you to the driver. That’s it! No negotiating, not sudden extra costs once you are at your destination. It’s ofcourse one of the most expensive fare you will pay but then again…compared to home it’s not much.

#2 Regular TaxiThere are many taxis driving around town looking for passengers. So you just have to look over your shoulder and there is already one who has spotted you. When you get in make sure you ask the driver to turn on the meter, unless you know the prices and want to negotiate a cheaper fare.

#3 Private driverAll over Bali you can arrange a private driver who will take you where ever you want to go. You can hire one to get to a destination, for a couple of hours or for a whole day. Prices vary but expect to pay max Rp. 500.000 per day for a private driver that you met along the street or through a agent desk. If you arrange one at the hotel desk it can get more expensive.

#4 Rent a car or motorbikeDriving in Bali can be tricky especially if you are not used to driving at places where rules are not taken to consideration. But renting a car does take you to places whenever you want. So there is more freedom when driving yourself.

My favorite transportation is the motorbike. It’s easier to drive around in the villages (you can drive into alleys and avoid traffic) plus you can experience the smell and hear the surrounding more. But then again, when you are standing at a traffic light under the burning sun you tend to look envious to the passenger sitting in the aircon car which is waiting next to you.

#5 BikeThis is for the die hards because Bali is pretty hilly. So from my experience is best not to take the bike on a day tour (unless you join the many Bike tours but then you only go downhill). Instead hire a bike if you want to get around the village easily.

In Kuta it would be easier to get to restaurants located a bit further away, like in Seminyak or Legian. This is also the case for Sanur, because the main road in this village seems to go on and on if you are on foot. So a bike makes everything less far away…

About the Author

Matt Verbaan has travelled to Bali many times and after seeing all the amazing sights, staying at great hotels, eating a wonderful restaurants and enjoying the Balinese culture he has created his own Bali travel website. To read more about the best way to see all the things in Bali go to

Best Holiday around The Beach in Bali

Why choose a beach vacation in Bali? Bali is well known for its white sandy beaches and lovely sunset panorama. Bali have several famous beach in the world for surfing, beachcombing or snorkeling.

Bali located in Indonesia and can be easily reach from anyhere around the world. If you are transit in Singapore than Bali located only around 2 hours flight from Singapore. Or if calculate from Sydney it will take around 6 to 7 hours flight. The weather in Bali is warm year round because Bali near to the equator and having your holiday in Bali is giving you the good value for money on your vacation. Bali suitable for having a family holiday, romantic getaways, a relaxing vacation or getting to explore the sea under Bali fantastic coral reef. There is a suitable beach for any activities you choose for your holiday in Bali.

Best Bali Beach Areas for Families.

Kuta Beach
This beach was one of the places well-loved by the hippies of the 60’s. It is now the centre of Bali entertainment – shopping, clubbing, food etc. You can find them all here and at the top of its notch. t to bargain! The shop vendors will be merciless if you don’t show some cunning. You can almost do every things in Kuta beach and more!

Seminyak Beach
Seminyak Beach makes a great family beach because of its distance from Kuta beach. Although located near from the Kuta beach, Seminyak beach not as crowded as Kuta beach. Seminyak beach is the home of some luxury Bali beach villas. Same like in Kuta beach you can do almost anything from playing paddle ball, football, get a massage, manicure, read, meditate, exercise. What the wonderful things about this beach beside the sun is the different nationalities of tourists who laying down at the beach which gives vibrant live.

Suitable Bali Beach for Romance.

Sanur Beach
It takes about 20mins from Kuta to travel to Sanur. The beach located on the east part of the island. the best place for beachcombing and having a romantic getaways which attract many romantic seekers each year. Sanur beach is the first resort in Bali which also happen the lasgest traditional village in Bali.

Jimbaran Beach
There are miles of white-sand beaches, lavish five star resorts, dining, attractions and lots of outdoor activities. Beside as the most romantic location in Bali to enjoy the beautiful sunset you can also do swimming, sunbathing fishing, golf, tennis, and more in Jimbaran. One of the favorite spot is the seafood cafe along the beach where you can have a romantic dinner with your spouse or wife. Before the beach was full of seafood restaurants but today it has been regulated so its not as much as before and this giving more access for the public.

Best Bali Beach Areas for Relaxing.

Uluwatu Beach
The beach around Uluwatu like the Padang padang beach, Suluban beach is the place for private and relaxing day. Visitors to this area is not that much. All the view of the beach or the view of the ocean specially on sunset are yours if you booked one of the beach villas around the area. Renting private villas here is the best choice for having a relaxing holidays.

Best Bali Beach Areas for Diving and Snorkeling.

Amed Beach
Discover the other side of Bali where the sand is black, dry and rocky but the deep blue ocean and the friendly locals more than make up for any romantic sense of loss. Approximately a 1.5 hour drive from the Kuta-Legian area, Amed beach and the East Coast area have grown very fast over the past years.

Tulamben Beach
This is the place for those who love to uncover what lies beneath the ocean. Fruit plantations on the east side, bright colored fisherman boats on the shore, with that sight of running, endless horizon will definitely calm your body and soul in the deep embrace of Mother Nature.

Want to find out more about Villas in Candidasa then visit Masachi Didaphur’s site on how to choose the best villas and what it can do for your family travel.

Dining Services Around Nusadua Bali

Article by Bali Villa Holidays

The hotel restaurants are great for a treat but a very expensive habit! Dining services around Bali are the famous getaway for tourists who love food tripping. Bali restaurants are known for its good standard in food and hygiene and with its price at a premium over the village restaurants. With just an easy walk, travelers can easily find and enjoy enticing Balinese cuisines. Most travelers prefer walking than taking the shuttle bus at night because it makes them more familiar with the area.The main restaurant spot in Bali is Nusadua which gives travelers the next price level down. Nusadua Bali restaurants not just provide excellent dining services but also offer free return transport. Most hotels found in villas are very much happy to offer travelers with discount at the door which is usually 10% but hold out for 20% which seems to be the limit.The La Scala restaurant Tanjung Benoa in Nusadua area which is found opposite the Grand Mirage will give a memorable sight of lights in trees out front, most nights live bands and roof shaped like the sails of the Sydney opera house. Like any other villa restaurants, this restaurant also offers free transport to local area. Entice yourself with these delightful all-time favorite main dishes such as spring rolls, seafood bruschetta and chicken, match with sparkling cocktails in their most affordable prices.Surya Café in Benoa, Nusadua takes you to a very unforgettable dining on boat plus interesting drinks. Nyomen’s Beer Garden located in Pantai Mengiat, Nusadua serves German and Balinese dishes in their very cheap prices. You may also enjoy entertainment done in most nights.Mai Mai, a restaurant next to Nyomen’s serves both Indonesian and Mexican flavored cuisines. Tourists not only appreciate its clean surroundings, and cheap prices, they can also enjoy themselves with entertainment done in the evening rendered by local bands and children Legong dancing. It is advisable to arrive early as this restaurant is too popular for its size and so you won’t wait too long for your food to be served.Bali Bistro which is owned locally offers Indonesian and international menu. Greek food and other available menus are served in Santorini’s located in Jalan Pratama opposite of Conrad Hotel. Plus, you get to see its spectacular decor which looks like something from the Middle East with large white pillars.De Memedi Restaurant may offer very ordinary menus but the views make it worthwhile. Watch night descend as you sit over Jimbaran Bay. The view gives you the sight of the whole Jimbaran, airport, Tuban, Kuta, Legian and as far up as Seminyak, and also Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa.Pasar Senggol offers a nightly Bali culture show, market and international buffet. It is well known for its wide variety of foods prepared for perfection. It is located in the Grand Hyatt Nusadua.There are numbers of local restaurants in Bali that are still needed to discover which you will surely enjoy especially if you are one of those people who appreciate authentic Bali dining.Visit to read more about holiday vacation tips and updates.

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The author recommends to visit Bali Rental Villas website to read more about the seminyak villas and search bali with the latest vacation spots.

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