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Canggu Bali as Tourism Destination for Family

Article by Michael Bintaro

One of the most popular travel destinations in Bali is Canggu village, a small village around 30 minutes from The Ngurah Rai International Airport or around 15 minutes from the Seminyak area. Canggu village is well known for its beach and private villas industry. With a population of not more than one thoulsand, Canggu village is the home of small farmers area and the home to more than one hundred private villas from small to big, from one bedroom to six bedrooms and from cheap to luxury villas.

What is the weather in Canggu village looks like? Canggu area weather is not varies from other area in Bali but because of its location near to the beach usually very humid and in the summer, temperatures can soar above 30?C (86?F).

What can we do in Canggu? Every year, Canggu village received many tourists who like to do surfing in one of the famous beach in Canggu – Echo beach.

Canggu area is one of the villages in Bali who has a very large amount of private villas below the Seminyak villages. Around Canggu you can choose several private villas depending on the view. Some of the villas has a beachfront view and the other have the rice fields view. Although Canggu village is influenced by the development of private villas but lives in Canggu remain intact. The villagers still tending their crop as usual. Most of visitor who comes to Canggu village and stay in one of the private villas thinks that Canggu is the best way to spend their holiday. They thinks that they can get the privacy and serenity out from their holiday and secondly because the location of Canggu village close to Seminyak area they think they can have the night life just within a short drive from their villa.

Tanah Lot temple, located around 15 minutes from Canggu village. This is the place to enjoy the sunset and if you like you can also do some golf at the golf club nearby. Here visitors can have their dinner while watching the sunset view and also while watching kecak performances.

Seminyak known as the center of dynamic night life of Bali. Seminyak has the most stylish and gracious spot if compare t other village in Bali. Seminyak what you see today is the result of evolving for several years from the traditional village into the sophisticated neighbourhood with an outstanding choice of international dining alternatives like KU DE TA, which very much popular with expatriate and tourists. You maybe have the feeling that breakfast or dinner with sunset panorama is the best deals.

Can we go fishing in Canggu? Of course! Canggu has one fishing village located in the Nelayan village just before the Echo beach. Rent your boat here to get to the fishing spot but before planning your trip you must make sure to familiarize yourself with all the safety procedure and the boat condition. You can contact your villa manager or villa butler if you want a fishing trip.

Are there any Canggu resorts? Resorts in canggu are not that many, if counted will be around one or two. Most of the tourists who comes to Canggu prefer t stay in Bali private villas as their main source of accommodation. Many are beautiful waterfront properties providing the perfect setting for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a wedding ceremony.

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Choosing A Luxury Villa For Your Family Vacation In Bali

One says that traveling is not an exact science, to combine between their cultures, traditions, countries and different languages is sometimes not easy. Trust an expert, contact a reliable travel agent can be significant.

Most people come to Bali want to see and enjoy the arts and culture, fabulous views of nature, the nice beaches, friendly people, for the pure relaxation and some for business and stay on. Anyone is a target, housing is one of the most important aspects in order to get comfort and memorable holiday.

There are a myriad of accommodations to choose from in Bali, from five star hotels and luxury Bali villas in Bali on a budget just a few dollars a night. The main tourist hub is in the southern triangle formed by Sanur, Kuta and Dusa Dua. For those who prefer the comforts of home and relax on the beach, this is a good starting position. Other beach areas are Lovina in the north, Candi Dasa on the east and Canggu and Yeh Gangga in the west.

If you’re a sun lover, then stay in Kuta (a wild and crazy kind of position) or the quieter beaches of Legian and Seminyak sister up the road, Candi Dasa on the east coast, Sanur and Nusa Dua in the south or Lovina to the north. If you are a lover of culture, then stay in Ubud in central Bali.

Thus for your accommodation what do you prefer the hotels in Bali or villas in Bali? And hotels and villas will give you some advantages. For those who want a hotel that has a nice face or a beach hotel by the sea or a room that faced the ocean, the hotel in Bali is an easier option because most of Bali’s luxury hotels lining the coast of Bali . There are plenty of hotels or building or in the style of Balinese style bungalows and offer modern comports and excellent service, but without maximum privacy. Most hotels in Bali have one or more restaurants and bars offering a wide range of local and international cuisine. Also sport and SPA facilities are usually available like tennis, billiards, squash, fitness center, game room, and some of the golf course.

For those who want to enjoy a total privacy and perhaps a perfect Balinese lifestyle, stay in a private villa is a good choice. One can enjoy the luxury of a beautiful private villa with air conditioned bedrooms and tropical bathrooms to dream about, spacious living areas and dining and spacious terraces, a lush tropical garden with private pool, you and well trained staff houses to take care of everything around the clock. And you’ll appreciate the comfort and informality you can only try at a private residence.

Instead of staying in hotel rooms (bed, two chairs, dressing table, television and telephone, wardrobe, small bathroom), your family will enjoy this truly Balinese experience. And you have much more space, more informality, more privacy and more personal service than even the best hotel can provide.

You can even save up to 50% – 70% of meals and drinks if you stay in a private villa with fully equipped kitchen if you decide self-service interruptions. Arrange groceries, favorite snacks and drinks to be presented to your local supermarket or wine wholesaler. You’ll be amazed at lower cost when you pay the same prices as locals. Or just ask the villa manager to do so, and a trained cook (with reasonable extra cost) for you to prepare delicious meals or any special diet. And also the cost of tax & service 21% of Bali and transfer to the airport include rental villas.

There are a number of luxury villas, hotels & resorts in Bali. If you prefer an environment and services of hotels and do not mind to pay inflated prices for housing and food & drinks, you can also book a villa-like house in one of Bali’s luxury hotels through a reliable travel agent and still enjoy the savings and additional benefits.

So, do not hesitate to choose the island of Bali in Indonesia for your holiday memorable. Bali is the most enchanting travel destination in the world, throughout the year pleasant climate, the friendly people of the fabulous views of nature, a nice beach and the absence of major criminal activities guarantee a completely relaxing stay. Due to the natural beauty and wide variety of attractions, Bali has become for many experienced travelers the “Ultimate Island”.

Go on-line and search for the preferred hotels Bali villas or Bali or you contact a reliable travel agent. The wide choice can be confusing especially for first time visitors, and is sometimes difficult to choose the correct Bali hotels or villas in Bali. So just let your travel agent knows your personal needs and preferences that you can recommend those hotels or villas it feels will suit you best.

Do you want to rent a luxury villa in Bali? has been accommodating satisfied guests for years with bali luxury villas. Visit the website to get the latest special offers.

Annie Payne from Indojet discusses how Bali is a great destination for family holidays and some of the tips and ideas for travelling with kids to Bali.
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Bali family holidays: A refreshing Holiday at Bali

Article by Tom Vatson

For most of us city dwellers, who get little sun and soil to see, a perfect holiday destination is somewhere that places the soft sands under your feet and the gentle sun warms your back, where the tender sea breeze caresses your face while you sit relaxed with your adorable family! If you are an inland city dweller, with a hectic work schedule and looking for a break, then you must be dreaming of beaches already. One such lovely retreat where waves splash around you while you breathe in fresh sea air and vent out your worries is “Bali” in Indonesia. Bali family holidays are going to offer you a complete refreshing and renewing experience.

CLUB BALI MIRAGE: This is a lovely tropical resort that adds comfort to your Bali family holidays. Apart from offering excellent hospitality for its guests, it provides a nice range of activities and water sports. For kids, there is an activity and play area and also babysitting arrangements available. This resort provides a kids club for children aged 3 to 12 years. All the facilities are inclusive with accommodation, so it is complete value for your money. Melia Bali Villas & Spa Resort: This resort is a virtual paradise! Amidst lush green palm, it is located on the soft sandy beaches. Melia Bali is one amongst the finest and most comfortable resorts on the Bali islands. For a truly king-size, luxurious and comfortable stay during your Bali Family Holidays, it offers these perfect beach villas every one of which has its own private pool. Children’s club (5 to 11 yrs) is also available to engage children in healthy creativity. Bentota Beach Hotel: This hotel is located at a lovely and unique location with the beach on one side of it and the River Bentota flowing on the other side. It has comfortable and big spacious rooms. Activities like water sports and fishing in deep sea are an add-on offer at the sailing club near Bentota Beach Hotel. It also has a play area for kids to keep them busy. This hotel adds a touch of adventure to your Bali Family Holidays. With so many options available, that add different flavors to your holiday depending on your choice and taste, Bali makes a great destination for family holidays. With sun, sand, breeze and waves, worries abandon the minds of people and joy and peace is all that prevails.

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Two Bedroom Bali Luxury villas for Family Holiday

Article by dharma putra

Bali is a small island between Java and Lombok. You can reach Bali in just two hours from Singapore, Perth (Australia) 3 hours, Hong Kong about 4.5 hours, and from Sydney/Melbourne it is approx 6 hours. Because of it’s size it is relatively easy to explore the island on day tours and return to your hotel or villa in the evening.

Bali’s climate, flora and fauna are quite similar to its much larger neighbor. The island is famous for its beautiful landscape. There are lush tropical forests, pristine crater lakes, fast flowing rivers and deep ravines, picturesque rice terraces, and fertile vegetable and fruit gardens. The beaches in the South consist of white sand while beaches in other parts of the island are covered with gray or black volcanic sand.

Bali’s picturesque landscapes are truly amazing – magnificent rice terraces, a sweeping range of volcanic mountains, dense tropical jungles with fast-flowing rivers, long sandy beaches, world famous surf spots and exotic coral reefs teeming with a large variety of exotic fish. All of this combine with top line accommodation options such has lucury resorts and luxury Bali villas.

Family traveller’s all over the world are now discovering the privilege of staying in a luxury private villa when visiting the island of Bali. They will choose from 2 to 3 bedroom villas and no longer the need to put up with a confined hotel room and all the trappings of mass tourism when a family 2 bedroom or 3 ebdroom villa alternative offers space, privacy, home comforts and a personalized level of gracious Balinese hospitality and service.

From the budget point of view, to rent a 2 bedroom villas with total cost of staying at hotels or resorts, the “luxury” of renting a beautiful villa in Bali will be even cheaper. This is because your full-time villa staff, preparation of all your meals, personal laundry, your private swimming pool, your private car, gasoline and driver, many spa & beauty treatments, local telephone, high-speed Internet access, tax & service charges and all other services provided by most of available private villas in Bali.

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Dharma serves as online marketing consultant of Bali Villas and Bali Villa

Start a Family Adventure: Family Relocation to Bali

Article by William Gabriel

Your family is everything to you, and you would do anything for them. Together, you have survived some of the most difficult life challenges you can imagine, and you have come out the other side of the dark tunnel with hope and a brighter future. Now, the opportunity to change everything has risen. You were offered an amazing job at a company in Indonesia—high end 6 figure pay, all moving expenses paid, and the chance at a new life experience. So what do you do?

Grab that opportunity to by the horns and ride it all the way to Bali!

Bali is a small island in Indonesia and is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. The beauty and exotic culture of the island draws in millions of tourists a year, but the increasing tourist and international business populations has increased as well, drawing new businesses and opportunities to the island. If you and your family have been offered the chance of a lifetime, the first thing you need to do is look for Bali real estate for sale. That means you need to hop online and do your homework, because you don’t want to end up buying something you’ll regret later.

On the plus side, if you cannot immediately find Bali real estate for sale that you are willing to buy sight unseen, you can always look into villa rental Bali and rent a 4 bedroom family villa for as little as 0 a night. This rate includes incredible amenities that you’re family might find hard to leave behind once you found the perfect piece of Bali property for your permanent relocation. One of the great things about villa rental Bali is that fact that these villas are so private and comfortable, they will feel just like home—and that is how the locals want you to feel; right at home on their splendid little island.

Bali real estate for sale often includes the same villas you’d find for rent, but these are purchased for personal use as private residences. The same beautiful properties used for luxury accommodations can be had for as little as 0,000 US dollars. If you’re family wants an upgrade befitting their new life adventure, you couldn’t go wrong purchasing luxury properties in Bali and making them your new home for almost the same price as real estate in the United States. For what you can buy with Bali real estate for sale you could only buy half a house in the US—that is a bargain, especially since the cost of living in Bali is much lower than in the US. Not only is the real estate available stellar, but the views, the neighbors, and the experiences are more than you could ever hope for. Bali has everything you and your family could need to start over in a new country.

Now that the opportunity for career advancement, new life experiences, and a better standard of living have come your way, you can take those opportunities and make a whole new life for yourself and your family.

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Bali Villa Holiday Guide to Family Holidays in Bali

A rental villa in Bali is a great way to spend your well earned few weeks with family members.

However, whether you go for a luxury Bali villa or a standard private Bali villa, how you spend your holiday, and what you do will almost invariably be defined by the number and ages of the children in your family.

This quick guide is intended to provide you with insights into Bali for families, with Bali travel tips and tricks.

Of course, we will start our list in priority, with the most important people, the young ones. If you wish, you may want to scroll down to the right age group for your children.


A Bali villa holiday is an ideal choice to make (over hotels and the like), if you are traveling to the island with an infant.

At a rental villa you have greater flexibility, support, and often much needed space.

Invariably, Balinese adore children, especially the younger ones. At your Bali rental villa you will more than likely get eager support to look after the little ones whilst you take a much deserved dip in the pool.

Today in Bali, most of your infant’s and your own needs will be met readily. Clean bottled water should be available at your villa, at no extra cost. Most rental villas will offer a microwave, so handy for warming up bottles. Some will even provide child friendly cutlery, so you don’t have to carry your own. Needless to say, as a favourite international tourist destination, Bali offers some very good international standard hospitals and English speaking doctors, if the need arises.

If your little one (or you for that matter), have a particular make of infant formula that you prefer, you may want to get your Bali Villa Manager to check availability for you before you arrive. Whilst there is an increasingly wider choice of baby formulas and ready-made fruit/vegetable purees available in Bali, you may not always be able to find the specific brand that you are familiar with. Of course, the same goes for disposable nappies. These are available at most supermarkets, but possibly not exactly the right brand you may be after.

The great thing about taking your own baby formula, and disposable nappies to Bali is that, having used these up in Bali, for your return trip home, you are left with much more space/weight allowance for all the shopping you will have done in Bali!

For your supplies, you may wish to try Bali Deli, Bintang Supermarket Bali. For a good selection of inflatables drop in at Matahari Bali at Bali Galleria.


Toddlers will love Bali and the Balinese people, since they are absolutely wonderful in interacting with the young ones.

If you want your toddler to make the most of your Bali villa pool, then you can find a variety of inflatable swimming support equipment at department stores, malls and pharmacies. Of course, it is worth noting that when buying these types of devices in Asia, one needs to pay careful attention that it meets international safety regulation. Also, as all inflatable equipment intended for children should clearly state, -these are not life saving devices and should always be used under the supervision of a competent adult swimmer-..

Also, it is worth noting that, many good villas in Bali, will actually provide some basic toys for your toddlers. Again, it is worth checking that these do meet international safety standards, as some cheap knock-offs may have small pieces or sharp edges.

If you are in need of some nap time stories, there are numerous bookshops in Bali which carry a good selection of English language children’s books. You will find that especially those printed in Indonesia are very reasonably priced.
You may want to try Peripulus Bali or Gramedia Bali, both of which seem to have suitable book selections for the young ones.

Older Children

In my experience, older children will have a ball in Bali and quite likely very happily tire themselves out between the villa swimming pool and the daily excursions.

If you have chosen one of the more spacious Bali villas, it is worth noting that the Balinese do enjoy playing football/soccer as much as the next nation. The rental villa staff will probably need only a tiny bit of encouragement to start playing ball with your young ones.

Similarly, your female villa staff will be more than happy to play-house with your little girl for many hours. What a better way for the young ones to get to learn a new culture, and may be pick up a word or two of the local language whilst having fun!

Of course, once you manage to drag yourself out of your Bali holiday villa, the options for the young ones are even more numerous.

Here is a quick list for starters:

1. Waterbom Park Bali
A genuine must during your Bali villa vacation. Suitable rides for children of all ages.

2. Horse Riding
From chaperoned rides on ponies to full galloping experience on the beach.

3. Cruising
A selection of boats, and family cruises to choose from.

3. Lovina Dolphin Watching
Bit far away from most Bali villas, but still well worth the trip.

5. Elephant Safari Park
With some great conservation and animal rescue efforts.

6. Go-Karting
For those with the need for speed.


I regularly get asked, if it is safe to mix Bali with teenagers. In all honesty? The answer is an absolute and one hundred percent, yes.

Bali is essentially a very safe place.

Over a million people visit Bali every year, with tens of thousands of teenagers traveling to Bali with their families, or on their own, and in majority of the cases, no one ever feels threatened or in any form of risk.

There are numerous restaurants, bars, and night clubs in Bali, and probably all are essentially safe places for anyone with some common sense.

Three simple guidelines apply in Bali, as with any other holiday destination.
– Keep away from illegal substances.
– Drink alcohol in moderation (especially in the heat, as one will already be dehydrated)
– Think twice before renting a motor-bike (or certainly, riding one under the influence of alcohol)

Once these three basics are addressed, you will find Bali to be one of the safest holiday destinations for your teenagers.

For You

Of course, last but not least, if there is any time left, you yourself will want to enjoy your Bali villa to the fullest.

The great news is, you have your own private swimming pool in your own villa. (Almost all Bali villas come with private pools.) Also, quite likely a wonderful sun-deck from which to soak up the rays.

Most Bali rental villas come equipped with a TV and Satellite/Cable connection. So if you want to catch up on the news, or sports, or just enjoy a DVD, you will not feel out of touch.

Many rental villas in Bali will also provide a library service, providing all sorts of fiction/non-fiction books for your reading pleasure whilst in Bali.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, and can actually bring yourself to leave your newly found haven, here are a few things you may wan to try:

1. Dance Performances
Try to catch one of each of:Kecak, Legong and Fire Dances, at least.

2. Designer Shopping
In the recent years, Balinese design scene has been experiencing an amazing renaissance.

3. Diving
Different courses and organised dives exist to meet all needs.

4. Fishing
Fishing boats from Benoa Harbour or Sanur)

5. Golfing
A number of 18 hole courses are available across Bali, many with great views.

6. Helicopter Tours
Not cheap, but certainly an experience never to forget.
7. Kite Boarding
Some great wind and lift, as well as the equipment for rental are available at Nusa Dua beaches.

8. Surfing
If you are experienced, you will know where to go. If you want to learn, head for the Kuta beach where you can catch beginners’ lessons.

9. Paragliding
Throw yourself off the sheer cliff faces into the Indian Ocean!.

10. White Water Rafting
Enjoy a thrilling ride through 8 kilometers of rapids!

Once you have done it, you will agree that, Bali villas offer an amazing setting to enjoy your family holiday. The great thing is, you get to have a great Bali holiday, together, but each enjoying their own space, flexibility and freedom.

Hopefully, armed with these insights, you can now ease into your new Bali rental villa, and have a spectacular holiday in this island paradise.

Many happy returns…

Joanna M Lawson is an independent travel writer based in SE Asia and splits her time between London and Bali. Ms Lawson is not directly affiliated with Bali Villas. To reuse this article you are required to link to the site above.

Bali Vacation for the Family

When planning your Bali Vacation for the Family you will need considerable more thought than a vacation for Singles or couples, below are some suggestions to make your holiday go a little bit smoother and a little bit easier on the pocket.

When you have young children an express immigration clearance is an added benefit for easy access from the plane past Visa on Arrival then a wait for your luggage and through immigration, certainly easier than waiting in line in the tropical heat for anything up to 2 hours for your visas. Express immigration is usually US – 30 per person.
When looking for somewhere to stay for the family you can’t go past a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, choosing an apartment has the benefit of having a good sized fridge and cooking facilities which is much easier than going out or eating at the Hotel for every meal, which even in Bali can still add up to a considerable amount in comparison to going down to the Supermarket and stocking the fridge with everyday items.
Some Bali Hotels also offer family rooms which can usually accommodate Mum and Dad and 2 children, some of the bigger hotels also have kids clubs and baby sitting services,
Between lazing by the pool and shopping there is plenty to do in Bali for the family, one way to see other parts of Bali is to hire a car and driver for the day (usually around 400,000 IDR –  US for 6-8 hours) be willing to bargain and don’t accept the first price.

Some of the must do things for the kids to make there holiday memorable are:

Waterbom Park: Exciting water slides slice through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment for the young and young at heart!
Odyssey Submarine: Being piloted to the magical underwater world inside a real submarine. From the purpose-built comfort of the submarine, you will be able to look out and see fish in their natural enviroment.
Bali Safari and Marine Park: Bali Safari & Marine Park offers an unforgettable family fun and education experience among the more than 100 species of animals housed at the recreational park and active wildlife conservation centre.
Bali Hai Cruises: Cruise the spectacular waters of Bali to beautiful Lembongan Island with Bali’s leading marine tourism company, Bali Hai Cruises.
Tandem Buggy Ride: Drive through the interior of Bali through rice fields and Villages and some of the natural scenery of Bali.

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Spouse Visas – Sponsored Temporary to Permanent Residency under the Family Migration Stream

Spouse Visas – Sponsored Temporary to Permanent Residency under the Family Migration Stream

Married, De facto and Same Sex Couples


So you have been in a relationship in Australia with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealander and can’t bear the thought of ever being apart again and are now wondering how you go about making a visa application to remain in Australia with your partner.


Or like my fiancée and I, you met overseas, travelled the world and Australia together, lived in tents, shacks and VW Combie vans and now want to settle down in Australia to have children with strange accents.


Either way, it is important to understand –


1) How and when your ‘right to apply’ for the visa arises,


2) What is required to then make a successful Australian spouse visa application, and


3) When and how you get to stay in Australia while a decision on your application is being considered.




It is also important to understand that the Department of Immigration & Citizenship will test your application very rigorously. Spouse applications are one of the most abused visa pathways for people that would not otherwise be able to get a visa to come to or remain in Australia.


Simply lodging an application and expecting to be successful is not enough. You must support your application with as much evidence of your relationship as possible: The more evidence the greater your chances of success.


2-year Temporary Visa to Permanent Residence


Other than the prospective marriage visa (see below), the 4 spouse visa options discussed in this article all work the same way, regardless the basis for applying for the visa –


1. You must apply for both the temporary 2 year visa and permanent residence visa at the same time.


2. If successful, you will initially be given a 2-year temporary visa dating from the date you lodged the application, not the date the decision on your spouse visa application was made.


3. After 2 years, if the relationship is still going, you live together and your partner still sponsors you, you are eligible for the grant of permanent residence.


4. 05.00 is the application charge at the time of writing this article.




In all of the applications discussed in this article, your partner acts as your sponsor for the visa application.


There are limitations on the number of sponsorships an Australian can enter into so if your partner has sponsored somebody before, then you should get legal advice on whether they are able to sponsor you as they may be prohibited due to this sponsorship limitation.


Ok so that is the preliminary stuff covered. Let’s get into the visa’s themselves.


Option 1 – Prospective Marriage Visa – You intend to get married! (Subclass 300)


If you and your partner intend to get married then it is possible to apply for a ‘prospective marriage visa’, also sometimes known as a ‘fiancée visa’.


This is an ‘offshore’ visa application. That means the person applying for the visa (the non-Australian) must be outside of Australia at the time the application is made and also outside of Australia at the time the decision is made.


If successful, you will usually be given a visa for nine months for the purposes of entering into the marriage disclosed to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship in the visa application.


Essentially as long as you have met and can prove it, genuinely intend to get married – i.e. have lodged a Notice of Intention to Marriage at Births Deaths & Marriages in Australia and have booked a wedding date, then you should be able to satisfy the criteria for the grant of this visa.


Usually ‘Met’ means face to face and does not mean met over the internet. This visa provides for culturally arranged marriages also.


There will be condition attached to your visa, if granted, that states you must enter into the marriage as declared. After getting married, and before your visa expires, you will then need to lodge a further spouse application to remain in Australia with your partner. If you do not get married, generally speaking, you will have to leave Australia before your visa expires.


Option 2.1 – Spouse Visa – You get married!


Ok the big day has arrived and it’s time to walk down the Aisle!


The day you get married to your partner in a ceremony that is recognised as legal in the country where the marriage takes place then, Australian immigration law gives you the right to apply for a visa on the basis of this marriage.


For example, you get married in a civil ceremony in the United Kingdom, this would be recognised. However, if you are looking into some alternative marriage options, e.g. a religious Buddhist ceremony in Bali, without also then engaging in a recognised civil ceremony, check first to see if it will help you to get an Australian visa, if this is one of the goals of your marriage.


It is the act of marrying that establishes the right to apply. Remember though, it does not guarantee you the grant of the visa: see below ‘Proving the Genuineness of Your Relationship’


Option 2.2 – Spouse Visa – You have been living in a De facto relationship for ’12 months’


Let’s say you landed in Australia, went off and did 3 months on a farm, got your working holiday visa for another year and have been living with your partner for 12 months now.


On the morning of the 366 day of living together (or 1st day of your 2nd year living together) your right to apply for your spouse visa has crystallised.


An application made even one day before this date, is arguably doomed to fail as you cannot satisfy the 12-month living together rule. There are very limited exceptions, but cutting corners on the 12-month risks the application being refused.


As an example, you land in Australia, meet your partner the next day and move in together 3 days later. You are so content that you don’t bother going to regional Australia to work to get your working holiday visa extended and just before your first 12 month working holiday visa expires you lodge your spouse application. This application will likely be refused as you have lived together for 3 days less than 12 months.


To get to 12months, you lodge an Australian visitor visa application in Australia before your working holiday visa expires and disclose that you are in a relationship with an Australian. This also gets refused as the case officer decides that you are using the visitor visa for the purpose of staying in Australia solely to get married.


To avoid this, you don’t disclose the relationship and get the visitor visa. You then lodge the spouse application and get refused on the basis that you have not disclosed the relationship in your last visa application.


So remember, it is the 12-months living together that established the opportunity for you to apply for the spouse visa in this scenario and it is a strictly applied rule.


Proving the 12-months


This can be easy if you have got a lease in joint names, utilities in joint names and all your individual and joint mail addressed to the address on your lease. Support this with lots of photos, a couple of dogs and cats, some statutory declarations from family and friends and the Department of Immigration & Citizenship will probably be forced to accept that your relationship is genuine and that you have been living together for the required 12 months.


However, it is not always that straightforward, particularly for backpackers, and you may have to get creative with the proof you provide.


For example to proof that my partner and I had been living together for over 12 months we provided receipts from the caravan park in Griffith, where we stayed while working to extend her working holiday visa. I also provided my credit card bills and my fiancée’s bank account statements to show that we had been making withdrawals from ATMs in the same town at the same time, photos of the Combie parked on farms and pay slips from the farm to show that we had lived and worked on the farm. We provided photos of our dogs as puppies and as 2 year olds, and there veterinarian records showing us as joint owners. Once we returned to live in Sydney, with an extra year on Kitty’s visa under our belt, we were then also able to provide recent leases in joint names, joint bank accounts and relied on the totality of the evidence to prove we had lived together for more than 12 months and that our relationship was genuine.


The Department of Immigration & Citizenship were then kind enough to grant the 2 year temporary visa to my now fiancée and we ‘lived happily ever after’.


Proving Your Relationship is Genuine


Remember people trying to abuse the Australian spouse visa pathway will marry their bogus spouse, present their relationship as loving and genuine and provide evidence to support this.


It is the strength of this evidence that the Department of Immigration & Citizenship case officer will scrutinise in coming to a decision whether your relationship is genuine and therefore your application is a worthy of the grant of the temporary 2 year spouse visa.


The case officer will consider a range of elements when considering your spouse visa application and look at things like the financial aspects of the relationship, nature of the household in which you live, social aspects of your relationship and the nature of your commitment which ultimately must show you share a mutual commitment to a life together as de facto spouses to the exclusion of all others: No room for new age open relationship at the Department of Immigration & Citizenship, that’s for sure!


It you support your application with enough persuasive evidence to satisfy the criteria for the grant of a spouse visa, then the case officer is left with no discretion to refuse your application and must grant the visa. Therefore, a well prepared, well supported and complete application is a key to a successful visa outcome.


Option 2.3 – Same Sex Couples, male and female – the 12 month living together rule again!


The interdependency or same sex visa subclass is based on virtually identical criteria as the de facto spouse visa set out above but of course the language is a little different. Claims made in an interdependency visa application should be established in the same manner as detailed above.


The term for the same sex relationship in Australian immigration law is ‘an interdependent relationship’. You are in an interdependent relationship for the purposes of Australian law if you have been living with your same sex partner in a ‘spouse like’ relationship for at least 12 months.


If you have lived in an ‘interdependent relationship’ for 12-months, then you are eligible to apply for and be granted a 2 year temporary residence interdependency visa and permanent residence visa if your sponsorship and relationship is still ongoing after the initial 2 year period is up.


Remember the 2 years dates from the date you lodge your spouse visa application, not the date the 2 year temporary visa is granted.


The genuineness of your relationship will be scrutinised in very much the same way as all other relationships will be where as spouse visa application has been lodged with the Department of Immigration & Citizenship.


Visa subclasses and Subclass numbering


This can be very confusing but it is actual quite simple.


An ‘onshore’ spouse application will be a visa application for the visa subclasses 820 & 801: subclass 820 being the 2 year temporary visa and the 801 being the permanent visa. This means that you must be in Australia with a substantive visa, or satisfy one of the exceptions discussed below, and therefore can lodge the application in Australia.


If you can’t then you would need to lodge an ‘offshore’ visa application and leave Australia to be able to lodge the application. Because it is an offshore application, the visa numbers are different. The offshore application subclass numbers are subclasses 309 & 100. Remember, with the offshore application you do not get a bridging visa and would have to also remain outside of Australia while you are waiting for a decision.


The interdependency visa application subclass numbers are subclasses 826 & 814 for the ‘onshore’ application and subclasses 310 & 110.


Don’t let the numbers confuse you. They merely represent what visa you are applying for and where you have to be when you lodge your application.


Option 3 – Unlawful spouse applications – you have overstayed your visa, are in love and don’t want to leave!!


Let’s face it, it happens! People fall in love, can’t possible bear the thought of separating from their soul mate and make the decision to risk it all for love, overstay their visa and disappear into the community to build their life and family with their partner in Australia.


Well if this sounds like you or a friend of yours, don’t give up hope yet, their maybe an option to make a valid onshore spouse visa application for the grant of a visa to give you lawful residence in Australia and allow you to stay with your partner.


Section 48 barred?


The first question to ask is, ‘have you had a visa application refused or a visa cancelled since last entering Australia? If the answer is yes, you are not eligible to make this application in Australia as you are facing a ‘section 48 bar’ which stops you from lodging this application while in Australia. A person in this situation would have to leave the country and lodge the spouse application offshore and remain there while you await a decision.


Within 28 days of expiry or establish ‘compelling circumstances’


If your visa expired less than 28 days ago, then you are still eligible to apply as long as you do so within 28 days of the date of expiry of your visa.


If you are outside of this period, then you would need to establish compelling circumstances to be successful in applying for a spouse visa without a valid substantive visa.


Department of Immigration & Citizenship policy provides that ‘compelling circumstances’ can be established where –


1. There is an Australian Citizen child from the relationship, or


2. The visa applicant and their sponsor are already in a long-standing spouse relationship (taken to be a relationship which has existed for at least 2 years.


The law in this area is very complex and I strongly recommend that you contact us for legal advice before you consider lodging an Australian spouse visa application in circumstances where you don’t hold a valid visa permitting you to be in Australia lawfully.




In my experience, people in loving relationships seem to find it hard to believe that anybody could possibly doubt the genuineness of their love and commitment to each other. That is until they make an application to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship for an Australian spouse visa.


Our Australian-citizen sponsor clients often express their frustration and disgust at the treatment they receive from their case officer at the Department of Immigration & Citizenship.


So be warned! Do not take this application lightly and think it is going to be as easy as holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes and smiling while the Department of Immigration & Citizenship case officer warmly touches you on the shoulder while handing you your permanent residency.


This is not the time to cut costs as in most cases; you may only get one chance at making a successful spouse visa application as it is important to remember, ‘it’s your future riding on it!’


All applicants for an Australian spouse visa should at least take an initial consultation with specialist Australian immigration lawyers, such as Turner Coulson Immigration Lawyers, to understand the strategies available to them and the strengths and weaknesses of their own specific circumstances. This will ensure that when the application is lodged it is given the strongest possible chances of success.


This article should not be taken as legal advice and cannot be relied upon as a complete or accurate representation of the law. It is meant to be indicative only and a general informative guide to the visa application. While the author has made all reasonable attempts to ensure it is accurate at the time of writing, visa applicants should take independent legal advice before lodging any Australian visa application with the Department of Immigration & Citizenship

Turner Coulson Australian Immigration Lawyers Sydney

Stewart Coulson
Immigration Lawyer

Turner Coulson, Immigration Layers and Migration Agents, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Bali Villa Rental Are Ideal For Family Vacations

Article by Nigel W Fine

Bali is rapidly becoming visible in the world map of tourism. Bali has lots to offer to the visitors in the form of adventure sports, beautiful beaches, shopping, tours to volcanoes and to the many temples of Bali. Hence, it is an ideal destination for tourists of all ages. Bali holiday is, therefore, growing in the popularity list of family vacationing destinations. The demand for a picturesque Bali villa is growing as a favorite abode of families vacationing in Bali.

Bali villa rental has allowed the tourists to enjoy their time privately without being confined to the hotel rooms and at the same time enjoy most modern accommodation and hospitality.

How would you choose your Bali villa rental?

Staying in a Bali villa can be the most exclusive experience for the guests visiting the small island. A private Bali villa is increasingly becoming a popular choice of accommodation amongst the tourists visiting Bali. Following are the points that one may consider while booking his villa for vacation.

A Bali villa would be designed keeping parity to the Bali architecture with spacious rooms so that you can get the feel of staying close to nature. However, you may also ensure that the rooms have modern furnishing and facilities.

Importance should also be paid to the connectivity of the villas so that you don’t miss the actions. Most of the tourists prefer a location that is close both to the beaches and shopping destinations.

The villa may be surrounded with exhibition of flora of a tropical garden with modern furnishing. A lawn and a pool too can be attached to a Bali villa to make it a comfortable abode for the guests.

While deciding on a Bali villa, attention should also be paid on the services offered, such as – dining, housekeeping, security and so on and so forth. One must make sure that the villas are fully and efficiently stuffed. Also, when you are vacationing with your kids you may make sure that the stuffs are compassionate to the kids and services like babysitting and child care facilities are available in the Bali villa.

The kids also tend to get bored quite easily, hence, the Bali villa rental should also offer activities to keep the kids engaged while you can enjoy some quality time with your partner. These are normally not options when one is staying in a hotel room. Hence, a Bali villa rental is increasingly becoming a popular choice amongst families looking for Bali holiday.For Bali rental one can search on the internet to find the best deals. Most of these Bali villa rental places would update their availabilities and deals on the internet. By visiting the websites of a Bali villa rental you can also check out their facilities, rooms and services.

Your Bali holiday experience could be incomplete without a stay in a Bali villa. Exquisite villas available in Mia Villa can just be the right option for tourists looking for a Bali villa experience. The design of these villas is the right blend of modernity and Bali architecture.

About the Author

Originally from the UK, Nigel Fine has been living and working in Bali and Singapore for the past decade. As well as managing holiday rental villas in Bali, Nigel is a regular contributor of articles about Bali and Bali villas on and offline.

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