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Bali Holiday Villas the Best Destination for Honeymooners

The key to traveling to Bali on your honeymoon is to book your trip in advance and at the right time. Bali holiday villas are available all year round, but you will find better deals at certain times of the year versus others. The other thing to look for when researching your trip is places that are offering deep discounts. New resorts often do this to bring in customers. Doing your research will really pay off as you may find yourself at a five star resort for the cost you would pay for a budget resort.

One of the main benefits of booking Bali holiday villas is the individualized service you will receive. The staff at these resorts is trained to provide impeccable service to each guest. From the moment you arrive until the time of your departure, everything will be taken care of. You will never have to worry about how you will get to that special temple you have wanted to see, or who to contact to make a dinner reservation. The staff at the resort will take care of all this. You may even be lucky enough to have your own private chef or chauffeur at your disposal.

Besides the amazing staff at Bali holiday villas, you will also find the amenities are top notch. Many villas offer private Jacuzzis or pools so you can relax in privacy without the worry of other guests. The resorts often have luxury spas where you can get facials, massages and other spa treatments in a tranquil setting. For the foodies, you will find exquisite cuisine served at the restaurants on site at the resort. For those looking to explore and take in the culture and cuisine of Bali, a staff member will be able to assist you in choosing the right restaurant for your tastes. For honeymooners, all of these amenities that are offered will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Check often for the best deals on Bali holiday villas. Often times, contacting the resort directly to let them know you are honeymooning and would like a deal will get you the best service. The staff understands how to take care of and accommodate honeymooners and want to give you the best vacation possible so will most times work with you to give you a great deal. Many resorts have honeymoon villas especially for honeymooners with larger living areas and special amenities just for the newly married couple.

Remember your vacation / honeymoon / wedding /anniversary in Bali for a lifetime with a heavenly time spent in luxurious Bali holiday villas in the serene and enchanting islands. Happily married couples can rent a full service and luxurious villa and spend a glorious wedding to remember forever. Contact or call us now for reservations –

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Canggu Bali as Tourism Destination for Family

Article by Michael Bintaro

One of the most popular travel destinations in Bali is Canggu village, a small village around 30 minutes from The Ngurah Rai International Airport or around 15 minutes from the Seminyak area. Canggu village is well known for its beach and private villas industry. With a population of not more than one thoulsand, Canggu village is the home of small farmers area and the home to more than one hundred private villas from small to big, from one bedroom to six bedrooms and from cheap to luxury villas.

What is the weather in Canggu village looks like? Canggu area weather is not varies from other area in Bali but because of its location near to the beach usually very humid and in the summer, temperatures can soar above 30?C (86?F).

What can we do in Canggu? Every year, Canggu village received many tourists who like to do surfing in one of the famous beach in Canggu – Echo beach.

Canggu area is one of the villages in Bali who has a very large amount of private villas below the Seminyak villages. Around Canggu you can choose several private villas depending on the view. Some of the villas has a beachfront view and the other have the rice fields view. Although Canggu village is influenced by the development of private villas but lives in Canggu remain intact. The villagers still tending their crop as usual. Most of visitor who comes to Canggu village and stay in one of the private villas thinks that Canggu is the best way to spend their holiday. They thinks that they can get the privacy and serenity out from their holiday and secondly because the location of Canggu village close to Seminyak area they think they can have the night life just within a short drive from their villa.

Tanah Lot temple, located around 15 minutes from Canggu village. This is the place to enjoy the sunset and if you like you can also do some golf at the golf club nearby. Here visitors can have their dinner while watching the sunset view and also while watching kecak performances.

Seminyak known as the center of dynamic night life of Bali. Seminyak has the most stylish and gracious spot if compare t other village in Bali. Seminyak what you see today is the result of evolving for several years from the traditional village into the sophisticated neighbourhood with an outstanding choice of international dining alternatives like KU DE TA, which very much popular with expatriate and tourists. You maybe have the feeling that breakfast or dinner with sunset panorama is the best deals.

Can we go fishing in Canggu? Of course! Canggu has one fishing village located in the Nelayan village just before the Echo beach. Rent your boat here to get to the fishing spot but before planning your trip you must make sure to familiarize yourself with all the safety procedure and the boat condition. You can contact your villa manager or villa butler if you want a fishing trip.

Are there any Canggu resorts? Resorts in canggu are not that many, if counted will be around one or two. Most of the tourists who comes to Canggu prefer t stay in Bali private villas as their main source of accommodation. Many are beautiful waterfront properties providing the perfect setting for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a wedding ceremony.

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Bali holiday destination

Article by Adan Gray

Bali is the island of Gods. This is a truly beautiful tropical island of people with a significant art, unique art to create a better social and ritual live.Bali, Avenue of Stars, a magnificent terrace with a stunning, volcanic mountains lots, and rivers, long beautiful beaches, world-famous surf spots and exotic fish and exotic coral reefs, a wide variety of lush tropical jungle.Most people living in the southern coastal regions, islands, Avenue of Stars, the largest town and administrative center of Denpasar. And between Ubud Denpasar, Kuta (including Jimbaran, Tuban, Legian, Seminyak), the town of Sanur and Nusa Dua village is spreading rapidly in all directions. Soon, the entire region from the north to Shanuwubu East, Berawa / in the West, and Nusa Dua Canggu in the South will be urbanized.KutaSurfing in KutaIn addition to Kuta sunset site number for the current one, and its spectacular sunset daily, which is south Bali nightlife and shopping Mecca activity centers, shops, boutiques and galleries line. Restaurants on the street and Bachfront, hotel, from a small, inexpensive homestay to a luxurious resort, the road will be ready to meet your needs.By tourists in the Kuta Beach discovered the first favorite beaches. On the south, the beach fence, airport, runway, Avenue of Stars, it gives you a breathtaking landing experience. Northward extension of the beach far the eye can see. Walk a short distance north, waves will invite you to test your surfingDenpasar, Bali, Sanur is about 30 minutes southeast from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, it has become a small town in its own right an extension of the coastal cities grew Drive beach. Sanur, Avenue of Stars, dating from long time ago, and still is the oldest and the waves Blanjong Prasasti small temple on the some of the islands written record-keeping. Danau Poso. Ancient text, dating back to the 10th century, is built on one of only 10 meters, carved stone from the streets locked glass case. Wrapped in cloth, you can see the management of the writing bit sticking out. Detailed inscriptions of the Mahayana Buddhist kingdom in Bali, and a cultural / religious impact of the arrival of Javanese kings.The most pleasant aspects of Sanur is its large beach. The group includes visitors to stroll and explore the entire 5 km, parking, they do not like the drink or snack on the beach side restaurant. Quality sand Sanur, yellowish color is good, fairly cleanUbudUbud rice fieldsUbud rice fieldsUbud is famous Avenue of Stars, often performing traditional dance at night, which is an integral part of traditional culture, and visitors, at a fixed timetable. Hindu ceremony in Bali to take on almost a daily basis, especially in the European summer, which is the driest and coolest season. Ubud is so spot almost looks like the visual impact of an era crowded. Try to ensure that you allocate at least one week of your visit here and take the appropriate time to explore. Only two or three visitors who jumped Ubud Bali vacation days into the understanding of what is happening around them to more opportunities.

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9 Cause for Choosing Bali as Your Destination Spot

Going on vacation to somewhere exotic will bring several benefits. Everythings will be together again, so does your family, they will enjoy the vacation together. Your mind will be refreshed and our enthusiasm, our senses to surrounding will increasing also. When returning home from your vacation you will be happier, healthier, and much more effective in coping with stress. Dont think of your work is the key element when having a fantastic holiday away from your home. You will not be able to have the benefits of vacation time if staying on your own home.

Bali is the perfect choice for your vacation getaways. Your vacation in the paradise island will have you free from stress while having a fun activities with your family. Read below on 9 reason why you should choose Bali as your vacation getaways.

* 1. Relaxation: You will have a relaxed holiday if you choose to have your family vacation in Bali. Just choose to stay in one of the private villas in Bali and you will have the privacy and truly relaxation you never dream off.

* 2. Wonderful sight seeing: You and your family will never runs out of things to see and do in the island of Bali. There are sight seeing for everybody.

* 3. Meeting with Balinese people and culture: You will experiences the unique culture of Bali hindu religion with all its festivals. Enjoy the experiences completed with the slower pace of life which quite different from where you come from.

* 4. Get together: Bali island will give your family the feeling to get together again after long hours of works. You will love the white sandy beach that you have in Bali for your vacation, the perfect destination for family.

* 5. Education: Learn the new culture of Bali. If you have your morning walk or by using bicycle around the village of Bali you will find more about the culture and the way of life of the Balinese and your kids will find it interesting also.

* 6. Adventure: There are countless spot for your adventure in Bali. Adventure sport like a jungle trekking, ATV ride, diving, snorkeling, camel safari, bike riding are some of what you can have in the island.

* 7. Bali Beauty: Bali famous of its natural scenery which is so beautiful and refreshing. You will be amazed and captivate by the natural scenery of Bali. The natural scenery are still preserve for future generation of Bali and the world. Enjoy the scenery and feel closed to mother nature.

* 8. Memories: After reading the whole things what Bali island has to offer you, its so easy to have some fun in Bali and your memory of having fun in Bali will always be remembered.

* 9. Bali villas: Bali villas are one of the accommodation in Bali today which is currently the best way to stay in Bali. You dont have to worry about the Bali villas availability because there are available at many famous destination in Bali. Total privacy is the theme of staying in a private villa. It will not be the same with staying in a resort or hotel. It will be the most recommended choice for having family vacation in Bali.

From all the interesting things you will find in the island of Bali the there is no way to not taking your family vacation in Bali away from home. Or, do you? The choice is yours!

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Bali Is a Favorite Holiday Destination With Australians

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself amongst Australians in plenty when you visit Bali. Some say it is sometimes like living in mini Australia because many of the tourists and expats living in Bali are foreigners and approximately seventy percent constitutes Australian nationals.

Bali to a traveler is known as the island of the Gods and Australians love everything about Bali. The look, the feel, the culture and even the local Balinese cuisine have a strong impact on most Australians who visit the island nation throughout the year.

The reasons why many Australians love holidaying in Bali are many. One of the main reasons is because of the warmth and the friendliness the Balinese people radiate. Most Australian expats never feel away from home or out of place when they come to Bali for the first time, thanks to the residents who make every step of their lives worth being and living in Bali. The island city has now become a second home for Australians already for more than three decades now and many of them have started investing in property across the island city.

For some Australians with large families, the island city is cost effective, with great deals and bargains on almost everything, from shopping, food, partying, clubbing, sports, real estate and even living expenses as well. Some Australians say that even when they are busy having fun or shopping around, they put much trust in the Balinese villa staff or hired babysitter to take care of their kids. It is a matter of opinion when safety concerns are discussed. Any place can be hazardous and safe; it depends on where you live and most importantly HOW YOU LIVE.

Bali if compared to other island nations in Asia in regards to fun or settlement is much cheaper. If you’re planning to visit Bali with a big family, this island nation wouldn’t rip open your wallets. Many Australians in Bali prefer to check out Bali villa Rent to book a suitable holiday villa accommodation even for big families who prefer to come along. The Seminyak and greater Seminyak area is good for fun, shopping and other local activities to enjoy for the whole family.

Final tips and words of advice for Australians coming into Bali would be;

It is still affordable to buy property in Bali however sources say that it would get costlier in the near future.
Tickets to Bali from Australia and holiday accommodation rentals in Bali are still reasonably priced.
Oberoi “eat street” is a place you should visit for when in Bali offering top class restaurants and eateries.
Bali is safe and the government is putting all his efforts to sustain the popularity of Bali as the most favorite holiday destination in Asia.

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Bali; Best Honeymoon Tourism Destination in Asia!!!

With exciting beaches, rice fields, natural and cultural attractions, trendy hotels and resorts, and the beautiful island the beautiful site of Bali Island has much to make your honeymoon more pleasant and memorable. Although the island is home to many attractions but the most beautiful are its natural attractions that are very popular among those taken Bali flights to have a honeymoon there. Almost all the famous destinations and exciting tourism places are very well served by hotels to stay over night. Bali tourist’s sights can be categorized into;


Cultural Features: Bali has its own unique culture that differentiates it from other islands. Crafts of stone sculpture, woodcarving and silversmithing are still very popular in the region. Again the island is home to many temples, museums, and monuments as well as many arts galleries. If you take flights to Bali you will be pleased to view some of the country’s best arts and cultural heritage. Bali museum contains wide collection of archaeological artifacts and example of Balinese craftsmanship. Tenah Lout has animal guardians. If you are going for a honeymoon the locals will greet you by presenting a dance. This dancing is like a ballet; telling a story through music, dance and sometimes song. The cultural attractions at Bali one may see after taking flights to Bali include; Perang Topat, Bau Nyale, Gandung Dance, Presian Dance, Gendang Beleg Dance, and Rudat Dance.


Natural Features: The natural attractions of Bali are the most prominent features of honeymoon tourism in Bali. Sandy beaches, beautiful lakes, flowing rivers, picturesque rice fields, and active volcanoes attract millions of visitors through cheap flights to Bali.  Among all these attractive features of the region beaches are perhaps the most visited places. Kuta beach is at top of the tourists spots at Bali. It’s an awesome place to enjoy water sports, picnics, and people gathering. It is very well served by a range of restaurants, discos, pub, restaurant, cafes, art shops, and boutiques to entertain visitors to the area. In addition to all these tourists places Kuta Beach is very well served by hotels and beach resorts that are very popular among holiday makers and those taken flights to Bali from UK or else where to spend their honey moon at some serene, relaxed, and peaceful destination. Another natural feature of Bali is its wildlife.  Sangeh is home to hundreds of monkeys which are believed to be sacred, and also hundreds of bats and various kinds of indigenous birds of Bali. It is open every day, between 7:30 in the morning until 6:00 evening for tourists.

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Go Bali – the ultimate holiday destination this year !

Article by Monurohila

Bali-Famed as the island of god Bali is an Indonesian island with a varied landscape of hills and mountains. Situated between Java and Lombok, is one of the 33 provinces of the Republic of Indonesia, the largest archipelagic country in the world. It is the largest tourist destination in the country thereby attracting tourists from all over the world. It is highly reckoned for its superiority over art, sculpture, paintings and even dance. It has a large number of historical cultural and archaeological collections and along with world class surfing and diving it is surely one of the most popular island destination in the world. Due to all these attractions it has even won many travel awards making it even more heart throbbed in the minds of people. The destination has a tropical monsoon climate with sun shining throughout the year. The rainy season gets started from the month of October to march experiencing heavy shower and humidity. There is something unique about the climate of this place. It is seen that when it rains in one part of the region one can enjoy sunny days on the other part. On the other hand one can expect cloudy skies and showers at any time of the year in central Bali and in the mountains, thus climate is diversified to a great extent. Since it is a hot tourist spot owing to its popularity one should book their tickets to get cheap flights to Bali.The destination is famous for its abundant attractions which include sparkling beach resorts, beautiful sceneries and monuments. It is a centre for famous arts in fields of both traditional and modern. It should be noted that Ubud is the artistic capital of the country with many museums giving a glimpse of its culture and history. It is a paradise for tourists as it witnesses some of the beautiful and significant places of interest. Some of the tourist locations in the town are Kuta for its beach, suburbs like Legian and Seminyak, the coast town of Sanur, Nusa Dua and Pecatu and a lot more. In recent time tourism has also flourished making it Indonesia’s wealthiest regions. The island is well known for its attractive surroundings, friendliness of local people and its diverse tourist attractions make it even more special. It has also won awards for its natural beauty. With all these things in place Bali flights will surely going to be as happening as one can ever be.

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Bali Maturing as a Tourist Destination

Article by Anwar H

Although Bali has always been a stopping point for outsiders for many centuries, it was not until the 1980’s that the infrastructure was in place to enable mass tourism to the island. Bali has gone through many upheavals throughout history such as conflicts between the Balinese themselves, attempted subjugation by the reigning Javanese powers and Dutch colonization. Additionally, Bali underwent Japanese occupation during World War 2, the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 and terrorist attacks in 2002 and 2005. Indonesian independence in the 1960’s has brought a semblance of peace and prosperity in the island and has laid the framework for a stable and prosperous Bali that enabled the island province to emerge as a premier world holiday destination.

The first tourist oriented hotel in Bali, aptly named The Bali Hotel, opened in 1926 in the modern capital of Denpasar. The 1930’s saw a gradual increase in the number of hotels opening in South Bali, mainly operated by Europeans until Japanese occupation during World War 2 put a hold on things. The 1960’s brought an increase in popularity of Sanur in Bali’s South East coast with Australian tourists, while the 70’s saw an empty stretch of mangroves and white sand beaches on the tip of a peninsula in south Bali gradually transform in to a string of 20 luxury resorts known as Nusa Dua. Kuta, located near Bali’s only international airport also emerged as mecca for surfers from Australia and the rest of the world.

The ever increasing influx of tourists from the 1980’s onwards have played a major role in improving the standards of living for the local Balinese and has brought in much needed foreign currency to the island. Paradoxically, tourism has not destroyed Bali’s unique culture, religion and strong sense of tradition, but rather reinforced them as an integral part of Balinese identity. The immense growth in the tourist industry does have its downsides, however. Many consider the unabated property development and construction in the south of the island to be unsustainable and detrimental to the environment. North Bali is increasingly seen as the answer to Bali’s overpopulated south, and the recent announcement of Bali’s second international airport to be constructed in North Bali is seen as a major step by the government to shift some of the tourist traffic to the less developed north.

Already a popular destination for many visitors looking to avoid the tourist traps of the south, north Bali has plenty of attractions in its own right. One of the biggest draws in North Bali, Lovina Beach boasts a large number of superb hotels and tourist accommodations and is also home to Lovina Beach Resort, the area’s only five-star luxury beachfront investment property.

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Situated in Bali’s north shore, Lovina is known for its peace, friendliness, beauty and affordability. Among the things to see and do in Lovina are dolphin watching, scuba diving, snorkelling, waterfalls, hot springs, beaches and ancient temples. Ever wanted to own your own slice of tropical paradise? Visit, call 65 9742 1164 or email

Fascinating Belitung Island Vacation Destination

Article by Samuel

Belitung island is part of Indonesia archipelago. It has few beautiful and exotic beaches you need to go to sometime. It is recommended location for beach vacation and much inexpensive compared to Lombok or Bali.

Anyway, have you heard anything related to Belitung island before? Never? Okay, it’s not your false when you never heard the island before considering it has not been exposed in intensive way yet. Nevertheless, you will find a number of tour and travel companies that provide tour packages to Belitung.

Now, allow me to move on telling you where the Belitung exactly is. Belitung is a part of Bangka Belitung archipelago which has comprises 98 island, big and small, next to Sumatera. You can check it out through Google map. The famous vacation places of the island are as follow: – Tanjung Kiras Beach- Bukit Berahu resort- Tanjung Kalayang Beach- Tanjung Tinggi beach- Lengkuas Island

Next I will show you regarding the beauty of Tanjung Kelayang along with Tanjung Tinggi beach but I am not able to show the picture because it’s not permitted. If you’re curious to see the photos you can go to the links I give at the bottom of this article.

Tanjung Tinggi beachThe beach is flanked by two peninsulas, is less than 2 km from Tanjung Kelayang beach. you will find clean white sand, sand also festooned by boulders of granite with about 15 meters height at the offshore and shore.The dimension of this cove-shaped beach is about 100 meters long, 5 meters width in high wave, and 8 meters width in low tide with 1 km long beach. There is a pile of rocks at the east end which one of the gap forms a passable tunnel. The air flowing within the rock hall is pretty cool, as in the air-conditioned room.At the other side of this beach has been built a resort named “The Villa Lor in Tanjung Tinggi”, with complete facilities and be considered as the first of the most complete resort at Bangka Belitung archipelago. The region of Tanjung Tinggi beach is suitable for diving, fishing, swimming, jet skiing, sun bathing or maybe enjoying white sand at the beach shore

Tanjung Kelayang BeachLocation of the beach is around 27 km from Tanjung Pandan city, is a beach that has an exotic view. The smooth floury white sand, quiet blue sea, and coconut trees along the coast, forms a bay with rocks of granite carpets at the west side make that beach is very exciting.At the crystal clear seashore you will find poles where fishermen tether their boats before sailing. This beach has about 1.5 km coast length, and 7 meters wide beach (in high tide) and 10 meters (in low wave). The beach covers 60 acres vast area, and absolutely perfect for sun bathing or swimming in between the amazing arranged rocks of granite. Having beautiful view, Tanjung Kelayang obviously is the appropriate location for photography fans to satisfy their hobby.

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Deciding Your Next Honeymoon or Wedding Destination at Bali Holiday Villa

Article by Dharma Putra

If you are planning on getting wedded in the near future, it is potential that you may need to plan a honeymoon. If you havent already selected a spot for your honeymoon, you are encouraged to examine Bali island as your next honeymoon destination. The island of Bali is placed in Indonesia and very familiar for its astonishing weather and equatorial moods.

When selecting a honeymoon destination it is probably that you will take a number of factors into your thought. You perhaps wondering why Bali is the perfect place for you and your new partner to holiday. In addition to the above mentioned tropical moods, you will discover that the scenery in Bali especially the beach is perfectly beautiful. When combined with a equatorial mood, the sea views are sure to create a romantic ambience. The most pleasant way for a couple deciding to marry on the ‘island of the Gods’ is to celebrate their wedding ceremony and reception in a holiday Bali villa. Establishing the commitment to say ‘I do’ with the intention to spend a lifetime collectively is indeed a very special occasion. This treasured moment should be one of perfection and a private Bali villa situated within a tropical garden surroundings creates an intimate ambience that every bride and groom and their close circle of family and friends will treasure forever.

If honeymooning in the island of Bali sounds interesting to you, you will have to start planning. Depending on when your wedding is, you might have a difficult time getting bookings at nearly fashionable Bali villas or chapel in Bali. This is because Bali is recognized as one of the most fashionable vacation destinations in the world. Programming your reservations ahead of time will ensure that you will be able to sleep at the finest Bali villas by the beach of your choice for your wedding venue. Washed the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Bali is but one of 17,500 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, yet even amidst its colorful neighbors—and even after decades of tourism growth—it abides entirely in its lushness and extraordinary beauty. Long, sugary beaches leading inland to hillsides terraced with jewel-green rice paddies; forests flecked with old temples abound.

If you are newly wedded couple deciding on your honeymoon spot, you can’t ignore the Bali island if both of you are peace lovers. The serenity that this place exudes is matchless. The glorious graceful beauty makes the human bury all his worries and savor the nature in its full flush. Especially if you take the Seminyak villas as your dwelling abodes for the time being, your enjoyment will increase ten folds no question. While on your honeymoon, it is likely that you will want private moments, but on the other hand, you could regard to get out and be alive. Bali island an infinite number of sight seeing that you can participate in. A lot of these activities provide adventure and agitation. If you regard, you can delight a directed boat tour, snorkeling tour, or scuba diving tour.

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