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Top 5 attractions in Bali – More Than Just Soaking up the Sun

Article by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

You may be able to drive around the coast of Bali in a day, but don’t let the size of the island deter you. Ribbons of beachfront property, glistening waters where the surf is always up, paddy fields, enchanting temples, mesmerising traditional dances, colourful festivals and many a Bali luxury resort are within easy reach. For those who enjoy rest and relaxation, there are many offerings to choose from. For those who enjoy the seduction of dancing under the stars till the wee hours of the morning will discover that Kuta in Bali is just what you were looking for.

Whether your taste is for fresh cuisine and the ultimate in luxury, or the chance to soak up the sun and sip on a chilled beer, you are sure to find it at Bali.

With access to so much beachfront property, one of the most obvious pursuits to partake in would be water sports. Just about any sport played on the water and below its surface can be enjoyed in Bali. Travellers will find a range of service providers who take care of all the arrangements and provide equipment for rent. White-water rafting along the Telaga Waja River or Ayung River is also an exciting experience for those who enjoy the rush of adrenaline.

The Gianyar, Bali Safari and Marine Park spread across 40 hectares of land is a conservation park. Inside the park, visitors will see over 400 animals from 80 different species. Visitors will also get a chance to ride on an elephant, take a picture with a baby tiger or orang-utan as well as many other animals.

Kuta is another aspect of Bali that is well worth visiting. The narrow alleys brimming with restaurants and eateries serving reasonably-priced cuisine coupled with a multitude of nightlife options ensure that there is always a crowd around these parts. Founded in the 17th century is a Hindu temple that is among the must-visit cultural attractions in Bali. Known as Pura Ulun Danu Prata, impressive statues and carvings can be seen herein, enhancing the beauty of its location.

Step away from the bustle of the city, traffic and throngs of tourists by visiting Nusa Lembongan. Neither motor vehicles nor hawkers mar the breathtaking pristine beauty of this little island just off the southeast of Bali. Visit the two famous beaches, the intriguing Hindu temple by the name of Puncak Sari and make sure that you witness the sunset here, whose beauty is legendary. There are many things the island Bali has to offer, and making sure your Bali resort allows easy access to the many sights and sounds is crucial to the enjoyment of your trip. Anantara Seminyak Bali is nestled on the popular shoreline of Seminyak and is a leading Bali luxury resort.

About the Author

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

More than just an Art Center, Ubud is also your Headquarters for a Varied Indonesian Soft Adventure

Article by Exotissimo Traveler

Ubud. The thing we know about this Balinese town is its reputation as the island’s art and cultural center. Did you also know that the immediate area outside of Ubud is home to some great soft adventure excursions? That’s right. Along with bringing your camera and art appreciation hats to Ubud, don’t forget to pack in some outdoor shoes, clothes and of course your adventure spirit.

Over the course of four days you will raft, trek, bike and drive through the island’s interior discovering stunning landscapes and scenes of rural lifestyles. But first, let’s put on those art appreciation hats and discover Ubud with an orientation around town. Tons of art galleries are here, included are modern works, traditional pieces, western artwork and combinations of any or all these.

Off with the hat and on with the outdoor shoes! Let’s head to the foothills of Mount Agung and go whitewater rafting along the Telaga Waja River. With a paddling guide, you’ll pass over class II and III rapids as you make your way down this scenic river. A lot of fun! Now let’s dry off and vary the trip a little bit with a cultural excursion to Besakih Temple, one of the island’s most revered and scenic temples.

One of Bali’s most iconic scenes, acres upon acres of green rolling rice terraces is yours to admire through a light trek. Loosen up this evening by attending a traditional dance performance.

Relax a little bit and let a VW 181 convertible do the work this time! Hop on and admire the spectacular Balinese scenery! You’ll travel along secondary roads stopping at the spectacular Taman Ayun, three incredible volcanic lakes as well as the local village of Munduk. Again enjoy those glowing rice terraces and coffee plantations before looping back to Ubud.

Now let’s try the area out on two wheels. Enjoy Mount Batur and the downhill ride with time, of course to admire nature’s natural art. You’ll also meet local villagers with time to say hello before heading back to your headquarters. Enjoy that well earned massage at the end of the day and reflect on the adventure you just took.

Indonesia, as you may have guessed from a country with more than 17,000 islands, is home to a vast array of adventures and experiences. There certainly is something for everyone! Come and see if there is something for you in our tours page.

About the Author

Established in 1993, Exotissimo Travel is a well known Tour Operator with 16 offices throughout Southeast Asia. We have the expertise and connections to create your perfect tours in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia at the best possible price.

Bali villa hotels – It’s more than just a hotel

Bali Indonesia is an exotic paradise that is perfect for those newlyweds searching for a haven to spend their honeymoon. If you are one of those couples, you must want an amazing honeymoon experience but you are apprehensive about hotel accommodations. You must be looking for a service that is more private, more personal and of course more intimate. If you are searching for something that is unique, different but very comfortable and equally luxurious, then the Bali villa hotels is the perfect haven for you to enjoy the amazing experiences that Bali has to offer for partners.

At the Bali villa hotels, you will be pampered like royalty. There are packages for private villas perfect for couples looking for a very private haven. Once you set foot in the majestic location outside the hustle and bustle of the urbanscape, you will be welcomed by warm and friendly staff members who are more than happy to help you out in providing you with the benefits that you are searching for. The suites are fully furnished with all the amenities that couples or families need for an amazing vacation experience that is unlike any other. From the basic kitchen and grooming amenities to luxurious and stylish beds, the suites will exude the complete vacation feeling but with the comfort like you are just at home.

Some people search for Internet connections to document and tell the world about their experiences. The Bali villa hotels offer high speed cable connections to keep you updated and to keep everyone else updated. There is so much to tell about what is inside the villa. From the fully furnished bedrooms to the well kept lawns, gardens and clear, pools, it is like your eyes are being pampered already. Speaking of pampering, you can also take advantage of spa experience that is truly magical and invigorating. You will feel like you are were reborn and refreshed, all the worries and woes removed from your system and you are one with the pristine beauty of what the villa offers you.

Bali itself is an amazing paradise that you will love to experience and take part of the good news is that Bali villa hotels is just meters away from all the amazing natural beauty that Bali can offer. You can have a fun and exciting day doing water sports. By the end of the day, you can watch the sunset and marvel at the beauty of Bali and this amazing blessing that was given to you to spend your day and the beginning of the rest of your life in a paradise, with the one you chose to love.

Bali villa hotels are more than just places where you sleep or put your things in. It is a magical realm where beauty was harnessed to be one with you. Here, you can experience true relaxation and vacation before you head back to the city life. Do not worry; you will be assured that the relaxing experience will be unforgettable.

Remember your vacation / honeymoon / wedding /anniversary in Bali for a lifetime with a heavenly time spent in a luxurious Bali villa hotels in the serene and enchanting islands. Happily married couples can rent a full service and luxurious villa and spend a glorious wedding to remember forever. Contact or call us now for reservations –

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More Than Just Sand: What to Look Forward to in Bali Indonesia

Article by KC Ochoa

When one thinks of Bali, the first idea that comes to mind is the tropical paradise known for its glorious beaches and year-round great weather. Thousands of tourists gather to this Indonesian escape yearly to experience its refreshing waters and the exhilarating landscape often seen in its rich tropical mountains, island hotels, and Nusa Dua resorts. But there is more to this interesting island than just water fun.

Aside from having some of the world’s finest beaches, the island of Bali is also known for its great spirituality. Many temples are constructed all over the island as an essential part of Balinese culture, with nine temples being the most prominent. Set to protect the island from dark forces, the nine temples stand in strategic forces around Bali. One worth a visit is the Lake Bratan Temple on the western shore of Lake Bratan. The temple is a stunning structure surrounded by water and considered one of Bali’s iconic locations. Another is the Mother Temple of Bali, Besakih, in Mount Agung, one of the most visited grounds in the island.

Another experience that one should not miss out on is the island’s traditional Balinese massage. Countless salons, hotels, and resorts offer a variety of relaxing treatments involving body scrubs, oil, herbs and spices, and yogurt body mask. Balinese massage is also relatively cheaper than western massages and is definitely worth the value for one in need of a good pampering.

Sporting activities are also popular among tourists and locals alike. In addition to typical water sports such as scuba diving, surfing, and white-water rafting, land sports are also a common scene. Golf courses are also an attraction, where games could be arranged with most hotels like Ayodya Resort Bali. The resort in Bali often offers promos like its recent Stay and Play Golf and Stay and Play Tennis packages, where accommodations come with arrangements for sports activities.

With wellness being a common theme on the island, there are also several centers and hotels in Bali where one can practice and learn yoga, another Bali staple. From beginners to regulars, Bali is filled with wellness centers and retreat houses for a relaxing session of meditation, holistic healing, chakra and aura cleansing, and more.

There is certainly more to experience in Bali than just frolicking about on the beach. For most who have already been and continue to come back to the island, it’s also about understanding its history, meeting its warm and hospitable people, and taking in its rich and unique culture that makes a visit to Bali an unforgettable treat.

About the Author

Kc Ochoa is a web copywriter with over three years of experience in SEO and Search Marketing. She frequently writes about travel and announcements by accommodation providers such as hotels and resorts, and on how these releases affect the travel and hotel industry. For more information, visit this blog on travel and accommodations.

Paradise does Exist: Just head over to the Island of the Gods here on Earth – Bali

Article by Exotissimo Traveler

What can be said about Bali? Let us rephrase, what cannot be said about Bali? Staking a claim as one of the if not thee world’s most desirable paradise location, the Indonesian island has earned every right to be labeled as the Island of the Gods. Everything you ever wanted on a beach island is here ranging from culture, heritage, friendly folks and of course that beautiful land and seascape that truly captures the imagination. If you’re looking for that unforgettable vacation in the tropics, Bali should be at the top of your list.

Beaches galore! You’ve come to the right place for it. There are all kinds here, big, loud party types at Kuta in Southern Bali, the quieter northern beaches of Lovina, the black sands (a byproduct of volcanic ash) of Candidasa in the east and the island getaway of Nusa Lembongan (if Bali isn’t enough of an island getaway for you). Plus there’s a whole bunch of other beaches around. You just have to be here! Any beach activity you can think of, whether it is swimming, diving, snorkeling, sailing, surfing can be enjoyed in full here.

Need to step away from the beaches? No problem. Just head inland. There you’ll find some of the island’s renowned green rice fields. If you are into the arts, then this is the direction you need to go as well, because this is where Ubud is. Being 600 meters above sea level, Ubud also enjoys cooler temperatures than the coast.

Speaking of elevation, Bali is a haven for mountains and volcanoes. Mount Agung is certainly one of the most striking, towering 3140 meters above the surrounding land. And that’s not all. On its slope is Besakih Temple, one of the most revered in the island. It came very close to being a victim of the 1963 eruption. The temple was just mere meters away from the lava flow! Mount Batur although shorter at over 1700 meters, features Lake Batur, a spectacular crater lake.

Looking for culture and heritage? Bali’s got a’plenty! We’re already mentioned Besakih Temple. How about wowing yourself at the temple made for sunset at Tanah Lot? And the Tirta Gangga water palace? Just beautiful. And while you’re at it, observe the locals and see an exotic culture and way of life that adds up to the colorful and distinctive aura of the island.

Comprising of aqua blue ocean waters, world-class beaches and diving spots as well as a large number of cultural, historical and archaeological attractions, Bali makes for an excellent holiday destination. Just soak it all in as you explore and experience Bali in Depth.

About the Author

Established in 1993, Exotissimo Travel is a well known Tour Operator in Asia. We have the expertise and connections to create your perfect inspirational tours as well as customized programs in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia and Japan at the best possible price. Your experience guarantees stops to the main sites as well as the hidden spots, giving you a true sense of the culture and rewarding you with unforgettable memories.

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