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Bali Beaches

There are a wide variety of different types of beaches in Bali from the energetic sports and activities beaches to gentle secluded coves to spend lazy afternoons chilling and enjoying the warm Indian ocean.

Many of the beaches are palm fringed white sands with a tropical feel that you would expect to see in the movies while others are black due to the islands volcanic activity.

Some beaches are within very easy reach and actually make up part of the resort while others are off the beaten track and are a drive away.

Bali has many great beaches – good for swimming, surfing, or just lounging on the sand. Some beach hotels in Bali and villages provide daily clean up and grooming of beaches. Also, the quality of a beach can change drastically between seasons, depending on the location of the beach and the direction it faces.

Bali’s beaches are best during the dry season, roughly April through October. During this period at beaches on the western coastal areas, erosion is minimal and the lack of wind or offshore winds keep the beaches clean and relatively calm.

During the wet season, onshore winds deposits flotsam and garbage on the west facing beaches and constant clean up is needed. In addition heavy rains can deposit run off around the beaches, particularly around run-off streams that flow into the ocean.

The east cost beaches of Sanur and Nusa Dua are less affected by seasonality, although the beach strip from the Melia Hotel to Nusa Dua Beach Hotel  in Nusa Dua experiences seasonal erosion in the winter, resulting in a very narrow strip of sand. The sand returns for the summer months.

The west facing beach from Canggu to Kuta can have rough surf and is known to have many rip currents and strong undertow. Safe swim areas are marked by flags and lifeguards are posted in some places but it is advised to keep an eye on the weak swimmers as the currents often change suddenly.

Mengiat  beach at Nusa Dua and Sanur beach areas are nice because there is an offshore reef that keeps heavy surf away from the beach.


Kuta Beach

If  it is an activity beach close to all amenities then Kuta beach is the one to head for as there is a wide variety of water activities available from this beach and surfing being one of the primary ones.

Parking is available all the way along the beach front and there are often extra activities and events held along the long wide walk way.

Parking can get cramped and swimming is dangerous for weaker swimmers as the rip curl and under currents are strong along this section of the shore so be aware of this when planning a day at the beach.

Along the beach front there is a wealth of activity from board and sports rental equipment to five star luxury hotels and sandwiches shops.

You can rent a sun bed and umbrella along certain sections of the beach but make sure that you get a good price for them the normal rate is around 50,000 IDR.

On the west cost of the island the resorts of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are very busy to watch the sun go down.

There are often a wide variety of vendors on the beach offering every thing form a a relaxing massage and pedicure to sellers of beach wear and fresh fruit.

You must be careful along this section of beach as to pick pockets and bag snatches and exercise common sense when swimming and leaving your belongings unattended.

Kuta beach can often become a little crowded in high season and traffic very heavy to get to this part of the island through the bottle neck streets so make sure to leave plenty of time to allow for transit through Kuta and parking.


Nusa Dua Beach

The Nusa Dua peninsula is surrounded by some lovely beaches from long golden stretches of palm fringed beaches to more secluded coves at the bottom of cliffs.

Nusa Dua from Geger Temple is known as Mengiat Beach and Geger Beach. The most beautiful blue water, pristine white sand, minimal vendors.

Nusa Dua beach is a wide golden sandy beach stretching some 3 kilo meters from the blow hole and ancient temple at one end to the more secluded cliff at the other end.

As opposed to watching the sun go down on Jimbaran beach why not sip a cocktail and watch the moon rise on Nusa Dua beach or a lovely stroll along in the moon light while the crabs come to life scurrying up and down the beach is a sight not to miss.

Getting here is relatively easy just follow the signs and the surfers via the old wooden bridge and then to the wide flat car park that rolls onto the beach and you are there once you pay the 2000 rupiah to park.

Geger is one of the few beaches at which topless sunbathing is allowed.

There is are toilet facilities and sports hire along this stretch of the beach including hobby cats, canoes, peddle boats, and snorkel equipment.

There are a few beach bars and restaurants where you can get everything from fresh fish and satay to sandwiches and pizzas.

Sun beds and umbrellas are readily available on the beach and cost about 1,500 rupiah, although you will often be asked for more but it is widely acceptable to bargain.

Geger Beach, from Geger Cafe to Geger Temple. This part of the beach is used by seasonal seaweed farmers. At the far end against the hill is the Nusa Dua Beach Cafe, which also has a few rental beach chairs and get a more sheltered day at the beach with the cliff to explore and a shorter paddle out to the reef for the surfers in the party.

The beautiful sands of Mengiat Beach, to the north now has three beach cafes, serving food and beverage, and a currency exchange on the Geger side of the St Regis

It is quieter this side of the beach with fewer bars and activities it makes for a pleasant walk in the evening along to the temple and blow hole to the north.


Jimbaran Beach

At Jimbaran you can literally park up at the beach and you are there on the white sand.

It is pretty quiet during early afternoon however the beach springs to life around 4.30 with the restaurants setting up for the evening trade of people watching the sun go down.

The beach is accessible from the many cafes and bars some of which have beach loungers for the day and will allow you to use them free of charge as long as you buy a drink from them.

At the south end of the beach is the Four Seasons, with a private beach club and restaurant.

The beach directly in front of the Four Seasons is rocky and rough, not really suitable for swimming. The beach is more inviting 50 meters away towards the beach BBQ restaurants.

You can get Pizza and ice cream along from the BBQ restaurants and hire body boards and surf boards.

Life guards usually patrol this part of the beach too. It is advisable to bring some form of shoe to wear in the water as the coral washed up makes it difficult sometimes to enter the water.

The barbecue restaurants are great at night for fresh fish, Indonesian style served with local stemed vegetables and boiled rice with an array of different spicy sauces.

During the day the cafes serve drinks and simple Indonesian meals although are now catering more to western taste and you can also get bbq chicken and french fries in some of them.

Some of the big beach hotels groom and cleaned daily the beach in front of the section of their hotel and  provide comfortable chairs and a simple beach cafes.

The beach from the  north to the airport boundary is know as Kedonganan beach and is the the territory of a fishing village, a few fresh fish restaurants, and the local wholesale fish market.

Kedonganan beach is wide and sandy, but as a working beach is not suitable for relaxation. It provides a fascinating site in the morning when the fisherman land their catch and the market is at it is busiest


Sanur Beaches

This area is a favorite of many visitors and locals with it is old time feeling it has a seven km paved walkway along the beach front lined with bars restaurants and shops.

This area was one of the first developed tourist areas and is very popular with tourist and residents.

You can find many places renting out bicycles and is an excellent spot to take up an early morning run and walk while watching the sun coming up.

There are plenty of sun beds and places to stop and take a swim as the area has many breakwaters making it safe to swim and enjoy the white tropical sands and clear  blue sea.

A sun bed will cost around 20,000 IDR for the day and you have a choice of bars and restaurants to have a tasty lunch at.

Further along the cost to the Benoa region you will find the Bali yacht club and there is ample parking at this end of the stretch of coast just be careful not to park in the motor bike parking as you will get blocked in by thousands of bikes making it impossible to get out.


Benoa Beach Area

Here you will find predominately the sport recreation area and the boats and ferry that takes you to the surrounding islands of  Lombok, Lembongan and the Gilis on one side of the water way and the other home to the many small recreational boats to rent to para-glide, jet ski, dive or a simple banana ride over the crystal blue Indian ocean.

This section of the beach is wide and golden and has a several bars, restaurants and hotels.

This part of the coast runs from the Nusa Dua area and joins the Benoa area in a wide open water way north Nusa Dua beach area that ends eventually at the activity beach at Tanjung Benoa.

Here you can get a trip up the cost to turtle island and see the conservation that takes place of the turtles in Bali who in February are dug up as eggs from Sanur beach and taken to the island to hatch and live out the first months in safety and then released back to the wild in September.

Many of the companies offering the excursions and water sports will also offer a transport service, however parking is simple at the beach side.

The sea here is not really the place you would come to swim as there are many many small speed boats in the water.


Seminyak Beach Area

The seminyak area is a great place to go and chill and the beach or enjoy a nice meal while watching the sun go down.

The narrow streets can sometimes get a little crowded at peak times and parking can be difficult so allow time for this.

Stream empties into ocean near Seminyak/Batu Belig. During wet season, the stream is a major river!

Beach around “Kerobokan”, but most know the area as Seminyak. Administrative areas on Bali are gerry mandered, so sometimes the official administrative name does not match the place name most visitors are aware of.


“Echo Beach” Canggu

Increased in popularity recently due to the vibe from the restaurants built on a cement seawall facing the ocean. Echo beach really isn’t suitable as a swimming or relaxation beach, but has a solid reputation as a surf beach.

The beach is a bit rocky and the sand is blackish and the seawall on which the restaurants are built is not attractive. The surfing attracts a crowd of surfers and watchers, and it is enjoyable to watch the action from the seawall while enjoying the cuisine from the The Beach House or other warungs. The road to Echo beach has become very pitted and is in need of improvement.

North side of Echo Beach, a bit rocky however it is a great place to come and watch the sun going down and enjoy the early evening jazz.

This is a little bit off the beaten track and can get busy sometimes when surf is up!



This is a white sand beach which is very popular with surfers and  now has a  fully developed  hotel.

The old surf beach is gone, replaced with a 15,000 IDR parking lot. Apparently construction on another hotel, the Raffles is on hold due to the global recession.

However the Dreamlands complex has a great bar and pool over looking the beach and you can access the beach via a stair case descending down from the pool area.

On the beach are a few small warungs and bars offering local refreshments and surf hire, sun beds and umbrellas.

The climb down is a little steep but well worth it once you are on the beach with it is tropical white sand.


Balangan Beach

Next to Dreamland is Balangan Beach. Popular with surfers and not as well known as Dreamland. The feeling of this beach is almost Hawaiian.

There are a couple of bungalow style accommodations and most of the surf warungs from Dreamland have moved here. Almost no tourists. Access is a bit of a pain from the Nirmala Store intersection on Jl Uluwatu, but the road is paved.

Padang Padang beach follow on across the bay from Dreamlands and  this little beach is paradise on earth. It is both a surf beach and a great place to swim as it is sheltered by a reef so and ideal spot for the surfers and swimmers.

Parking is at the top of the beach and there is quiet a steep staircase down to the beach but the climb is well worth it.

On the beach there are a few warungs offering refreshments and sun beds and at the top is a pizza restaurant offering takeaways.

The shallow waters are ideal to swim and further out on the reef is a surfers paradise.


Bukit Beaches

Kutuh Beach access from the village of  Kutuh in the Bukit area through the rock quarries in center. Seaweed farmers are abundant in this area with it is white sand, privacy, and no tourists and is really different. No accommodations and no tourists. This is way Bali was 50 years ago.

“Green Bowl” accessible from the long stairway at the temple next to the closed Bali Cliff  hotel. Surfer beach, caves at the bottom of the stairs and monkeys living around near here. Great scenery and adventure. No accommodations. Really a surf spot.



This is on the north eastern coast of  Bali, is a great place to both swim (as there is no surf) and snorkel directly from the beach.

Some beaches aren’t sand though, they can be coral or pebbles so shoes can be of benefit to get to the water. Amed is approximately a 2-3 hours drive from the south of Bali.


Lovina Beach

This beach is a narrow black sand beach with calm water. The beach is lined with a variety of relaxed restaurants. There are very few sun beds on the beach, and the beach is used by fisherman for their jukung.

You can rent a junket to go and see the wild dolphins that live along this section of the cost and it is well worth the early morning call to see the sun rise and watch these magnificent animals play in the wash of the boats.

Most boat owners offer the option to go and have breakfast and then come back to take you oput to the reef to snorkel in the clear blue waters.

The cost of a boat trip is around 50,000- 60,000 IDR per person.

The black sand beaches can feel dirty and the black sand absorbs heat, so its hard and hot on the feet.

Parking is easy at the beach side and access is flat.

However, the views from Lovina beach over to Java are spectacular and it’s worth visiting for this reason alone. Lovina is on the northern coast of Bali and is approx a 3 hour drive from Kuta.


Candi Dasa

This is an unspoiled tourist spot on the east cost and is about a one and half hour drive from the airport.

Here the beaches are black and the tide very high at times so that the beach disappears.  A large wall has been constructed to combat the encroaching sea and aid the development of tourist attractions.

This is a place to enjoy a very relaxing, peaceful, romantic holiday. The night life is quiet mainly entailing dinning in the fine restaurants or there is a beer garden and rock cafe with the odd live band.

The shopping in this area is limited and you would be better taking a day trip to Kuta or Ubud.

Snorkeling and diving are very popular here as it is a snorkelers dream. You can rent the  equipment from most hotels.

Bali’s eastern most port from where the ferry to Lombok leaves three times a day. The trip to Lombok takes about three hours and costs approx. 8000 – 12000 IDR..

Becoming a popular little stop over, Padangbai offers a few warung and losmen style accommodation as well as some fine snorkeling.


Happy and healthy live forever,


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