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What a Trip! A Tropical Getaway with a Bali Villa Rental

Article by William Gabriel

The earth outside your kitchen window is white with blankets of heavy, frigid snow. Every breath you take becomes a fine mist in the cold morning air. Every night is a struggle to warm your home enough to keep from having to bed down in an igloo. The roads are sleek and dangerous, the pipes freeze in your basement, you have to buy snow tires, and you have to buy snow boots, awkward puffy coats, and oversized knit hats…Why does it have to be that way? Why does your winter outlook seem bleak, cold, miserable, and frustrating? This is a very good question, especially since there are much better options than grumbling in the cold. Why not laze about in the sun, sea breeze, and slow leisurely days?

Bali is a small island set in a tropical haven. The warm sun, sweet breezes, flagrant tropical scents, the exotic animals, plants, and people…all far far away from the snow, cold, and annoying layers of wool winter clothes.

Taking a winter retreat vacation to the island of Bali requires that you find accommodations that embody the beauty, tropical glory, and incredible culture the island. Don’t even think about checking into a hotel—not when you can spend your money on a Bali villa rental. Big hotel chains can offer luxury digs, but they cannot offer the real island experience that so many come to enjoy. Bali villa rentals allow you to absorb the aura of the island without having to look out from a wall of steel and glass. Bali villas bring you as close to the true Bali as you can get without planting your face in the dirt and inhaling the minerals.

Many Bali villa rentals include all the accommodations of the big chain hotels; room service, access to cool, inviting pools, air conditioning, cable TV, maid service, 24 hour security, in-suite bathrooms, and all the beauty and tropical views you can handle. You can choose from 1-4 bedroom villas close to the beach or inland surrounded by tropical trees and deliciously scented flora. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, you’ll find that renting a villa in Bali is far more affordable than you thought. For only 0 a night, you can live, love, and relax in Bali.

So where can you find Bali villa rentals? Well, you can check out the villas in Seminyak, Jimbaran Bay, Canggu Bay, or any number of gorgeous tropical locations in Bali.

If you’re tired of the cold winter air, you can pack up the family or take a group of friends to Bali and rent a large villa right in the sand, steps away from the warm waters, incredible marine life, and hundreds of miles of green-blue horizon. Renting a villa in Bali isn’t as difficult and you’d think.

Keep winter in the cold, and soak up the sun in Bali—rent a villa and let the island ease the freeze from your bones.

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