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Things To Remember Before You Make A Trip To Bali

Article by Nigel Fine

A trip to Bali sounds exciting but you must never forget to research online on the various activities that take place in the place, its culture, Balinese lifestyle, commutation details and other such information. While you get all set to pack your bags and board on the flight there are a few pointers that you must remember to do like carrying your own calculator because at places of money exchange you may need it and it is reliable when it is yours. You must exchange money at reputable places and carry them in a bag along with other valuables, if any, on a bag that is safely worn across your shoulders. This is to prevent the theft of handbags which are on a rise in Bali owing to its vast tourist attraction. It is a must to carry a high factor waterproof sunscreen because the weather conditions in Bali is of tropical nature and the last thing you need while coming back home is skin burns and rashes. Also it comes in handy for all you swimmers out there. Swimmers must also make sure they stay within the boundaries that are drawn across the water bodies. Never carry or buy drugs at the island and consequently get imprisoned for it

Carry around with you your passport and a photocopy of your photo id but leave the other important documents in the hotel rooms where they would be safe. Try and add salt to your food and cultivate a habit of drinking a lot of bottled water since you are bound to lose water from your body in the form of sweat. Do not worry about the ice served in bars and nightclubs; they are officially approved on their quality by the government. Never cross the road without double checking for any approaching vehicle, because cars may halt for you but motorbikes may not. Have a thorough knowledge on the currency used in the country which is known as rupiah.

There are many ways of commutation in Bali. You can either rent a car or a motorbike or get on a bus for tourists or catch hold of a cab. If you are above 18 years of age and wish to rent a car for yourself and drive it on your own then you must remember to carry your driver’s license. Try and rent a car with insurance because accidents seem to prevail in the island, especially because of rash motorbike riders. Keep a keen eye on the road and do not get distracted while driving because the last place you want to go on a holiday is to an emergency room in the hospital.

Most of the Balinese people follow the Hindu religion and at the time of your travel there are chances of you coming across many religious ceremonies in your vicinity. At times like these, you might be intrigued and attracted towards these rituals, but there are certain things that you mustn’t do to avoid offending the local people. For example, you must always wear a sarong and sash, a representation of the traditional costume, and never walk in front of people who are praying, never flash a camera at a priest, never sit higher than the priest or the offerings, in case of women, never enter temples when you are menstruating, try not to step on offerings fallen on the street and try and walk around it, try not to touch people’s head, it is considered offensive. If you are in a moving car that is blocked by a religious procession, be kind and patient with them and do not honk at them.

Have a thorough study of the things that you must avoid doing in Bali and experience an exuberant vacation therein.

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