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The luxurious Bali villas nestle in the center of the island’s bounty

Article by Gautam Punjabi

For any place to become a tourist attraction, it has to be blessed either by nature or historical monuments. Nature has done its handiwork to perfection in Bali. And the luxurious Bali villas that dot the beautiful land cap that perfection. Bali is a beautiful place full of beautiful people who have preserved an ancient culture without spoiling it with the invasion of modernity. The only modernity that has encroached into the beauty of that culture is the luxurious Bali villas that dot the beaches of Bali. And these are the beauties of modernity that have opened the beauty of Bali to the outside world.Besides the beaches that surround Bali on all sides, there are small lakes and rivers that crisscross the island. Rivers are mostly shallow and are not used in any major ways for navigation but add to the beauty of the place. Small flat-bottomed boats known as sampans ply in a comparatively deep river known as Ho River. To enjoy all these, tourists need to stay in places that are equally beautiful, and that is where the importance of luxurious Bali villas comes in.Bali has also got an active volcano by the name Mount Agung that had erupted in 1963 and caused a lot of destruction. Situated on the slopes of the mountain is a set of temples located on parallel ridges, considered to be dating back to the 14th century.The Seminyak area of Bali is one of the places that has undergone fast transformation and is today one of the most sought after resort areas. The Seminyak villas Bali offers are the best among luxurious Bali villas. These are typical examples of how Bali combines the traditional and modern most effectively for these villas have the traditional thatched roofs with the latest in spas and cable television and internet connection within it.A quaint thing about Seminyak is that most of its streets have more than one name so that the extra street names are often used in brackets while giving an address. However, most of the Seminyak villas Bali has got are of a class in itself that taxi drivers hardly ever get confused whatever the street names used by the tourists are. One of the popular roads of Seminyak known as Jalan Laksmana is spelt in different ways, and is sometimes used in half, and has also got an alternative name Oberoi Road. But the people of Bali have no problems with these multiple names and they are comfortable with all the names and take the tourists everywhere they want. Most of the luxurious Bali villas in Seminyak are near this main road and are easily accessible to tourists. The road harbors many shopping centers as well as eateries which can be called a world microcosm considering the variety of cuisine they offer. And a couple of its eateries are open 24 hours.Being an island, Bali does not have extreme climatic conditions. So, tourists occupy the luxurious Bali villas almost round the year. The result is that many brands in clothes also have their outlets on the main roads as they get customers during all seasons. These roads of Seminyak and the Seminyak villas Bali produces are charting paths of parallel evolution. The better endowed the road is becoming; the more is the tourist influx, which further goads the development of more beautiful luxurious Bali villas.

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