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The Benefits of Bali Villa Rentals—5 Ways to Stay and Play

Article by William Gabriel

Bali is a tropical oasis in an ocean of clear, warm water gently caressed by the golden sun. The fragrant flowers, sweet aromas, lush green forests, and beautiful and inviting people make Bali the perfect place to enjoy the benefits of Bali villa rentals for your family, friends, or just for you. Not only does the island itself hold incredible benefits for the stressed out vacationer, but rental villas have their own set of benefits that visitors will not find anywhere.

The View

As an island in Indonesian, Bali is closely tied to beautiful island like Java to the west and Lombok to the east. More and more people have come to Bali to enjoy the island life—why? Who wouldn’t want to live steps from the ocean, bathe in clear pools of cool water, walk through forests of vivid green life, or stand beneath the darkened sky and watch as the stars wake from their slumber? Bali is heaven in Indonesia, and anyone who wants a piece of heaven on earth needs to get their hands on Bali villa rentals. The view from every villa window is so spectacular that your breath will catch with your gasp of awe.

The Air

Speaking of gasps of awe—Bali is far from the smog, congestion, noise, acid rain, acrid air, and the smell of smoke so when you take a deep breath from your villa veranda the air will be sweet, crisp, clean, clear, and refreshing. With all the talk of bad air days and global warming, don’t you want to laze about on an island where you only need to hold your breath when you take a dip in the nearest body of water? From the mountains to the sea, the Balinese air should be bottled and sold—seriously.

The Customer Care

Bali villa rentals include more than fresh air and fantastic views; they also include some of the most excellent customer care professionals. This means that no matter your wants or needs, they will be met and fulfilled by 24/7 services. There are laundry and dry cleaning services in most villas, locals providing visitors with sightseeing tours of their native island home, and there friendly staff eager to please you, your family, or the members of your business conference.

The Amenities

What Bali villa would be complete without the amenities offered by Bali villas Seminyak, villas in Jimbaran Bay, and villas in Ubud? These amenities include: air conditioning, in suite bathrooms, room service, daily maid service, swimming pools, pool bars, satellite TV, spas, restaurants, and incredible mind blowing entertainment offered by local Balinese dancers.

The Memories

No matter where you choose to stay, what you choose to experience, what you choose to eat, or who you choose to meet, Bali villa rentals will provide you with a lifetime of memories at affordable prices—no need to go broke when where you really want to go is to Bali.

The benefits of renting a villa in Bali are many, but you’ll never know how truly beneficial it is until you give it a try.

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