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Seven mysterious places in Bali

Article by Adios80

Bali is well known as island of God, because bali has a beautiful panorama and landscape, its also very famous as the island of thousand temple Because as we see, in every corner of this unique place must have temple, in the market, in the offices, on the beach and even under the big trees.There some places in Bali that people believe named it as the Mysterius places in BaliTrunyanLocated on the slope of Abang mountain a cross the Batur lake, there is tradition when some body dead will not be buried or cremated but just lay the body on the ground wrapped by some white cotton. The odd thing is the body does not smelt at all.people believe that the bad smelt of the dead body was absorb by the big tree called Taru Menyan that has been grown at that cemetery.Mount BaturMount Batur is very famous with its daily activities, the still active volcano is almost everyday blaze the smoke to the sky, just like a fire work, but fortunately it not dangerous for us because it located on the low ground level and long distance. According to local people they believe the god of smith are doing their jobTanah Lot TempleAlmost everybody who have visited Bali will know Tanah Lot temple, because it has an astonishing sunset view, that we can enjoy it from special place provided by the owners of the warung ( local restaurant). But have you ever seen just down under the temple, in the rocky cave, there is a snake who always stay there all the time, the size of the snake is not so big, but local people believe it is a holy snake just like dragon who protect and guard the temple, we can not take its picture because it is not allowed by the temple priest.SebatuThis place is well known as the place of medicine spring water, because when somebody have some illness in their body, and take a bath here, we will see the difference of the water, more serious the disease the thicker of the water color, but if we don’t have any disease the water color will be normal.Goa LawahThis place is a house of thousand bats, that’s why called goa Lawah. Goa means cave and Lawah means bats. It located on the side of the the main road Denpasar to Karangasem, disturbing or killing even one of the bat is strictly forbidden other wise we will get hurt en even dead exactly the same as what we do to the bats. Because people believe all the bats are the servants of the god who protect the area.

Besakih TempleThe biggest temple in Indonesia, as the mother temple of all the temple in Bali island, when we want to enter the main gate of this temple, please don’t ever try to count your foot step, because it will never correct, because according to Balinese that is a philosophy when we are going to do a good thing, never count how much have we sacrifice but just focus to what we are willing to do.Pulaki TempleThis temple located in northern side of Bali island, this place is well known as the place of hollow men community. It sound weird but that is the fact, for instance when people doing cock fighting in the temple area for the ritual purpose, we will hear the voice of thousands people around us , according to the local people that voice come from the hollow men who also like to watching cock fighting.

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