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Lombok; The Quieter Alternative to Bali that is purely Lombok in Character

Article by Exotissimo Traveler

Did you know there is another Bali out there? That’s right. Just a short boat ride west from Bali is Bali Junior, aka Lombok. The island offers visitors a quieter alternative to Bali, while still containing interesting destinations and offering great activities similar to its eastern neighbor.

Some say Lombok is Bali 20 or so years ago. Now, if you thought Bali was great, then imagine the potential that awaits at this island. All it takes is for you to head east from Bali and cross the Lombok Straight. And in no time, you’ll be there.

So, what’s over there? Miles and miles of fine beaches! This is definitely the place to go for a seaside relaxation experience. Don’t forget to hit Tanjung A’an Beach where the sand looks like pepper. Just don’t eat it, ok? Surfers can also hit the waves in Lombok too. Far out! And of course, the island can provide some pretty cool and memorable dive and snorkeling experiences. You are in the tropics after all.

But if you are yearning for more, then the island can certainly provide that as well. Mount Rinjani, an active volcano majestically looms over the island. No matter there in the island you are, the mountain will also be looking over you. Plus, the area around the volcano forms the Mount Rinjani National Park, home to some beautiful protected forest. So trekkers, pack your boots and gear yourself up for some unbelievable hiking experiences in Lombok.

Lombok is also your base for the Gili Islands. This set of three island lie just of the northwest coast. And what about these islands? Well, if you really want a taste of authentic paradisiacal living with no cars and motorbikes disturbing the peace, then there you go. Your only choices for transportation are your feet, bicycle or horse drawn carriage. Yes, it may be hard to believe but it is true. Dive, snorkel, swim, bask on the beach as you wish. But please, do not swim between islands! It may look swimmable, but the currents are fierce and you will be risking your life by doing this. Just a warning. Otherwise, the Gilis are all yours!

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