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Kalimantan From Banjarmasin Species of Birds , Dayak Meratus National Park

Kalimantan From Banjarmasin Species of Birds , Dayak Meratus National Park

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Home Page > Travel > Cruising > Kalimantan From Banjarmasin Species of Birds , Dayak Meratus National Park

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Kalimantan From Banjarmasin Species of Birds , Dayak Meratus National Park

By: muharam
Posted: May 12, 2010

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Kalimantan Usefull Info

General information :
Tanjung Puting National Park located on peninsula on the south east of Borneo , covers an area about 300.400 hectares. The park lined with vast tracts of wetland, lowland, mature tropical heat swamp forest with large rookeries that provide breeding ground for wide population of waterfowl. Flora and Fauna

Tree species commonly found such as; ramin, meranti, jelutung, kerwing,ulin (iron wood). The park also inhabited by wild orangutans, proboscis monkey, long tail macaque, birds including; hornbill, king fisher, myna, oriental darter, and over 220 other species of birds. Furthermore, kind of fauna that seen occasionally; agile gibbon, gray gibbon, red leaf monkey, Malayan sun bear, monitor lizard, and crocodiles. The river attached with swamp and lake to support the life of many species of fish.

Recreational in the park
Recreational activities in the park are done to enjoy the panoramic nature and unique animals. The routes are along the way through Kumai gulf and Sekonyer river;

Kumai-Tanjung Harapan
Mangrove forest, palm forests, secondary forest, orangutan babies, and dolphin show up occasionally on the gulf.

Tanjung Harapan is zone that developed for eco tourism with information center inside. Orangutan rehabilitation with animal clinic also found here. Guesthouse and camping ground are available.

Pondok Tanggui-Camp Leakey-Tanjung Harapan
Forest vegetation of swamp area, screw pine, wild orangutans, proboscis monkey, birds, wild pigs, deer, monitor lizards, and crocodile are found occasionally.

Pondok Tanggui is a zone that opened for orangutan rehabilitation. The area settled by deer, wild pig, and species of birds. Pondok tanggui is connected to Tanjung Harapan through path with 25 km approximately, nice for trekking or hiking.

Camp Leakey is a research zone for orangutan rehabilitation center and as tourists destination to watch wild rehabilitated orangutans, long tail monkeys, species of birds, lowland forest, and vegetation of swamp grass and screw pine. Located on about 30 minutes from the branch of Sekonyer river. Over the years, the camp has served the research effort of several scientists and students. Traveler can walk certain trails of the trail system without disturbing the research activities.

Pondok Tanggui-Natai Lengkuas
Swamp vegetation and lowland forest inhabited by proboscis monkeys, long tail macaque and species of birds.

Natai Lengkuas is zone of proboscis monkey, gray monkey, and species of birds. An excursion place for tourists with view of Sekonyer river and penetrating the forest through the path.

Accommodation in the park is possible at Rimba Lodge or on Houseboat. Rimba lodge located on the side of Sekonyer river, the lodge has 30 rooms (15 emerald rooms, 6 sapphire, and 14 ruby) including single, double and extra bed. The lodge can be reached about 2 hours by boat from Kumai harbor.

Other accommodation is houseboat. The boat is 6m X 2m with roof that forms the upper deck where tourists can view the scenery. The guide team includes boatman, cook, and expert guide. Meals are provided on board. Thin mattress, pillow, fine meals, bottled mineral water, mosquito net, kitchen and toilet are available on the houseboat. Some tourists prefer to sleep on houseboat because they can investigate animals that pass around the boat.


In addition, if the next destination is Semarang and Surabaya, it is recommended to stay in Pangkalan Bun hotel at the final night, because the plane to Semarang and Surabaya takes off on 10:30 and 10:35, it will be too rush if start from Rimba Lodge to the airport.

Access to Pangkalan Bun
Tanjung Puting National Park is area of Kotawaringin Barat regency, the capital is Pangkalan Bun. Road to National Park started from airport then transfer to Kumai harbor by car, take about 20 minutes. Flight to Pangkalan Bun is available everyday covered by Trigana air .

Pangkalan Bun could be reached by Land transportation, take time about 14 hours from Banjarmasin . Ship from Java also available.

General information :
South Kalimantan is the smallest province in Kalimantan island. The capital is Banjarmasin as the center of the province. Banjarmasin is the most interesting urban center of Kalimantan . There are docks of Bugis schooners moor, beautiful mosque, busy floating market, exotic canals, island that inhabited with monkeys, old town with old house and carve, museum, traditional diamond mine and polishing, and jewelry and souvenir shops at Martapura. Air communications are good and paved road from Banjarmasin to Balikpapan and Pangkalan Bun. By river, people can reach Palangkaraya, capital of Central Kalimantan , or other towns on Barito river, where we can explore the far interior of the land.

The highlights
The highlights of South Kalimantan are Floating Market, Bamboo Rafting, Rainforest and Dayak Meratus excursion, the traditional diamond mining, water buffaloes on swamp area, and Kahung and forest exploration.

Floating market where people trading boat to boat. There are two floating market in Banjarmasin , Kuin river floating market and Lokbaintan floating market. Kuin river floating market located on Kuin river, the tributary of Barito river. From Swiss bell Borneo hotel(3*) can cruise directly to the market by klotok, it will take about 45 minutes. From Arum Kalimantan hotel (4*) we must transfer by car to the jetty, it will take about 7 minutes to jetty, then from jetty to the market is about 35 minutes. The other way is transfer by car to klotok harbor then cruising to the market about 15 minutes, distance from the hotel to the harbor is about 15 minutes. Not far from the floating market, there is an island called Kembang island where small temple, place of Chinese and Bugis origin present flower when they have wish, and the land inhabited by macaque.

Lokbaintan located on Martapura river, could be reached by land transportation to the harbor. From hotel it will take about 35 minutes, then from harbor to the market is 45 minutes by klotok(motorized boat), the market here stay longer than Kuin river, it lasts until 10:00 am, than Kuin river dismissed on 08:00 am. Rainforest and Dayak Meratus is an adventurous and cultural excursion, trekking start from dayak village and will be end at dayak village again, the trip will bring travelers to explore thick forest, waterfalls, traditional farm, hanging bridges, longhouse, vegetation and the way of life of Dayak meratus, there many optional treks including soft, hard, short, and long trekking, depend on requests of the tourists. Distance from Banjarmasin is about 180 km, 5 hours by cars approximately.

Bamboo rafting is the climax of the trip in loksado, one of dayak meratus shelter. It cruising Amandit river by boat that made of bamboo. Tourists can enjoy beautiful landscape of tropical rainforests and village of Dayak Meratus , proboscis monkey could be show up occasionally. The duration of the trip depend on the requests of clients, with suggested by the raftman.

Traditional diamond mine and polishing is situated on Cempaka village is about 50 km from Banjarmasin and 47 km from Martapura. Tourists can watch people dig hole to take out clay and other material to be processed by shaking the pan made of wood to find raw diamond, then diamond will be polished not far from the mine.

Water buffaloes located on swamp area of Bararawa village, it can be reached by car to the harbor, with distance about 190 km from Banjarmasin , then proceed to village by klotok for about 1,5 hours. It is recommended to come there on late afternoon, so tourists can enjoy the evening scenery while the buffaloes swim to their sanctuary.

Kahung valley and forest exploration started with boating from Riam Kanan lake to Belangian village, from Banjarmasin to the harbor is about 60 km. Then from harbor to Belangian is about 2,5 hours by klotok. Then trekking through rivers, savanna, and secondary forest.

Accommodation and Food
Banjarmasin has good selection of hotels, from jasmine 1 to 4 stars hotel. In other region, comfortable resorts/lodge are available, such as Amandit River Lodge and Tanuhi Lodge which are set for local and foreign tourists, the lodge facilitated with bed room includes private bath and shower, lobby and dining room that straight to Mount Kantawan, and kitchen where the cook preparing meals by using logistic of clients. The location is on riverside of Amandit on the foot of Meratus range, where people do bamboo rafting on the river. Distance from Loksado, land of Dayak Meratus is about 8 km, from Banjarmasin is about 165 km, and from swamp area of water buffalo is 70 km approximately.

There are many good restaurants in Banjarmasin and other regions, providing Banjarese food, Indonesian food, international food, and Chinese food. Access to Banjarmasin Beside by airplane, Banjarmasin can also be reached by ship from Semarang and Surabaya , by land transportation from East and Central Kalimantan .

General information
Called as equatorial pearl because of its abundant of natural wealth. The area also offers amazing nature beauties. The land has over 17 million hectares rainforest, where the rare black orchid grow. The Banjarese and Kutainese stay on coastal area, while the legendary Dayak settled on hinterland, staying on longhouse for one whole family or even one clan occupying the house, where the chief of the clan stay on central chamber. Guardian statues are put on the front of the longhouse to prevent from evil spirits that bring diseases and misfortune.

In Balikpapan there several international hotel because many foreigners come there for business or excursion. For Mahakam river cruise, tourists will overnight and dining onboard, the houseboat is facilitated with bedroom, AC, mattress, mosquito net, kitchen for cooking, the cook, toilet, etc.

Access to East Kalimantan Samarinda is the capital of the province, the other important city is Balikpapan ,also called as oil city. It is one of the largest cities in Indonesia . In the town facilitated with an international airport, named as Sepinggan Airport .

How To Get The Flight Ticket ?
If you interested with the Package that we used to sale on this site, Please Kindly tell us your departure date From bali or Jakarta.So, we’ll Help you to book your Flight Ticket for all Destination. We provided Interent Ticketing Online , Please klik Here

Does The Airfare Included on The Package Prices ?
NO. The Answer is NOT. All the Airfares on this Trip are Excluded for Airfares. From Bali or Jakarta to Surabaya , about IDR. 200.000 To IDR. 400.000 / One Way Fly. From Surabaya to Pankalan Bun , about IDR. 600.000 T0 IDR. 750.000

What To Bring ?
Trekking Shoes, Simple of Luggage Pack , Sunscreams , Hat , RainCoat, Pasport, Cash of Indonesian Rupiah, Personal Medications, First Aid Medication,

Kalimantan From Banjarmasin Species of Birds , Dayak Meratus National Park

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