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Five Cool Things To Try On Your Gap Year

Article by Harriet Williams

Travelling around the world brings a whole host of new opportunities. This is your time to make the most of it and try all those new things you’ve been itching your whole life to try. Stuck for ideas? How about giving some of these ideas a spin on your backpacker travels?


Been listening to the Beach Boys for a large part of your life and dreaming of distant shores and surfer boys and girls? Give surfing a try in the warm waters of Australia or Indonesia. Bali is the perfect place to get started with easy breaking waves and plenty of classes and instructors offering relatively inexpensive lessons. Surfing is also a great way to keep your fit on your gap year. A great way to counteract all those beers!

White Water Rafting

How about cranking those new activities you try up a few notches? Get extreme with a spot of white water rafting, just make sure you get insurance that covers you accordingly and please, please, please don’t forget to wear a helmet! India is a great, and rather unusual, place to try it. Check out the many raft companies that offer packages along the Ganges. A great way to meet and hang out with people too.

Bungee Jumping

Granted, tethering yourself to a really big elastic band doesn’t sound too appealing, but experiencing the sensation of a free fall drop is high on anyone’s do-before-you-die list. New Zealand is home to some of the world’s largest bungee sites and offers anyone looking for the ultimate gap year thrill food for thought at least. Don’t be surprised if you need a bit of a push off the ledge either.


If extreme sports and activities really aren’t your thing there’s still plenty of low-impact, relaxing activities out there. Cruising down a river with a bottle of beer lounging in a large inflatable rubber ring may sound a bit odd, but is a hugely popular gap year activity in the Southeast Asian country of Laos. Imagine a Disneyland ride but a little more unpredictable and a lot more alcohol.


A lot of people go to India in hope of a spiritual experience or, at the very least, to eat some very decent curry. Yoga, however, might be something you want to try to blow off some steam, improve your flexibility and simply just to relax. India is the yoga capital of the world and offers plenty of retreats and courses for you try on your gap year.

About the Author

Harriet Williams is an avid traveller and travel writer, who particularly likes writing about gap year travel.

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