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Face Of Bali and Vacation Home Bali

Face Of Bali

The Balinese are closely inspirated by their Religion which is also inspiration with their daily lives

Bali is one of the unique among thousand of island that make the Indonesia Archipelago. Well know as the islands of God, Bali has distinguish character with its natural beauties, the hospitality of the people and of course, its exotic culture. Visitor find the islands fascinating in how the island is able to endure the quality of its colorful culture and how the natives. Traditional ritual and practices are still alive today as a testimony of the richeness of their spiritual faith.

The Strong culture identify of Bali took it’s root from a combination of closely related essensetial element such as unique religion, language, castes, community life, land cultivation and Wesia represent 10% of the population whereas the sudras (the farmers and craftsmen) represent the majority.

The caste system, still very much alive today. Regulates, apart from their religion power the different levels of the Balinese language.

The official language in Bali is Bahasa Indonesia, but the traditional language of Balinese remains the everybody dialect the island. Each Balinese belongs to his or her caste but foremost to their community, which from birth to death regulates life in its social and religious aspect. Numerous ceremonies mark the progression of life, starting with the first birthday, 210 days after birth, which is the length of a Balinese year.Childhood is treated with respect and gentleness until teen years, celebrated with the tooth filling ceremony.

Bali has an area of more than 5.000 square kilometers. It is a tropical island where the soil is so rich and fertile that the land constantly in green surnoundings. ¬†Most of the Balinese practise a from of Hinduisme which covers 95% of the whole popolation. The Balinese are closely inspired by their religion which is also inseparable with their daily lives. It won’t be difficult for visitor to spot the natives in their religious rituals and ceremonies. There is also a small minority of Moslems, Christians and Buddhist of Chinese and Balinese origin.

The island offerss many of beautiful sports and amusing places for visitor arround the world. Traditional and religious events and art festivals are held periodically. Visitors are welcome to learn about the traditional culture which includes traditional architecture, arts, painting, music, dance, ceremonies and spiritual beliefs. The natural surroundings of Bali perfectly complete the beauty of the island. Bali’s beaches and other natural spots have draw many visitors from arround the world to come and feel the magical touch of the island.

Also in Bali are also many foreign tourists who had just relax and enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali, a few people who eventually bought a house in Bali and stay in Bali, to get married in this beautiful island. If you are interested and want to live in this beautiful island that you can make happen, because the Balinese are very friendly. Or maybe you just want to just stay here for a vacation that’s fine too, because it provides a lot of Bali’s entertainment and the beauty of the island, you can rent a hotel from the cheapest to the most expensive that can provide services such as king and princess, or you also can rent a villa, because so many villas in Bali that many could have been rent with a very affordable price. Or you want to buy a house for the holidays and your investment, it could have been you realize, for example like this house owned by Daniel Cassise this. To view the info in Bali that are sold please click Vacation Home Bali for sale.

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