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Bali Tours Services Suporting Bali Clean and Green

Quite amazing things to get to know and experience more about places of interest mainly cultural atraction and natural beauty in bali. Kuta for instance comonly well known as tourist area and bussines center is actualy dealing with a n ot so friendly effects of  uncontroled development of a great number of tourist accomodations varying in types, inspite of that, it actually became necesities to give choices among travelers who come to bali.

Other side effects contribute a frequent flooding down  the road out of we found  less and less green area in this island every year . Even the ever increasing population growth compared to 5600 km square large generates incredible traffic and overflows of rubish particularly in the capital city and such major tourist area as Kuta that can slow things up a bit.

We, as balinese societies and our goverment have been making  an effort  to overcome the problem to take bali away from serious damages that may be caused in the next future. For the reason of that, we keep planting a large number of shady and easily water absorbing plantation to recover, preserve, and keep bali green that has become a program to carry out called “Bali Clean and Green”. The program we are running is based on balinese philosophy of living called “Tri Hita Karana”, this guide us to respect God Almighty, respect our mother nature including plants and animal, and respect to each other as humankind. It is a must for tourism industries to hand in hand with our societies in succeding this program to preserve and keep bali green.

Bali tour services representating balinese societies hope that all the tourists who come to bali in the future can have a very good time to enjoy a wide options of atraction and pristine beauty of bali. Eventualy the travelers will be more interested in understanding more bali’s culture and tradition passed on by our anchestor and participating to support us to succed our “Bali Clean and Green” program. We highly appreciate any participation to make you feel at home by choosing bali your holiday destination.

As a part of balinese societies bali tours services with local profesional bali tour drivers are hand in hand to support “Bali Clean and Green” program.

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