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Avoiding ‘Stalker’ on Social Networking Sites

Article by windy abdurrahman

Internet, especially social networking sites like Facebook is providing a very great impact to human life. But underneath it all, with all the convenience it offers, the virtual world becomes increasingly vulnerable to the presence of the stalker (stalker) who increasingly move freely.

With social network site and micro blogging like twitter and plunk, stalker now able to detect any victim behavior. Of course you never have the friend requests of people who do not you know? Or maybe after your friends, it turns out people actually act like strange and familiar tomorrow. Therefore some tips to prevent you from the threat of an obsessive stalker might be useful.

Edit Friends List With the constant self info displayed on the news feed Twitter and Facebook all the time here and give a sign that Stalkers are welcome! All information can be consumed by persons unknown is starting from photo albums, the latest activity, history of dams education jobs, and others. Although you mean to give such information is so old friends can contact you. However, it is good you choose certain people are able to follow the development of your activity.

Things you have to do is to do the settings on your Facebook. How, click / privacy to create an exclusive group who has the privilege to access a profile, pictures, and status updates. If the MySpsce, you can create a private profile settings under many “Account Settings”. For users of Twitter, see box called “Protect My Updates” in your yard. With this setting only the “followers” can read the activities on the status of your feed.

Do not be a freak status Many people who always gave him the information was where and was doing what. For example ” eating with my girlfriend at home”, or “wow tomorrow going to Bali, what I must ride of?”, And others. Things like this clearly shows that you love to spit personal information to anyone. This is where the stalker becomes the king! Therefore, begin to limit them to not always provide gambling information about you. Start aware yourself!

Googling Each Day Perform a Google Alert that will help to indicate that someone who was a stalker. Sign in to your / alerts, and enter your phone number and your name. With this facility, Google will always provide notifications every time there is someone who is googling your name and phone number. This facility provides information about who was looking for information about you.

Feel Free to Disconnect Do not ever to hesitate to decide internet connection. With a GPS facility, Google earth, and that makes it easier wikimap others know your position; stalker will become easier to detect your movements. Therefore, hold yourself to not always online. Therefore, never hesitate to decide on the mobile Internet network and the BlackBerry every time not too used

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i am an accountant at humanitarian aid, start writing 2008

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