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Experience the cultural richness of Indonesia at Bintan Resorts! This remarkable event will be running from 13 up to 23 March 2020, Bintan Resorts of Indonesia.


Come March 2010, Bintan Resorts will be transformed into a microcosm of Indonesia where the whole family can experience the vast cultural diversity and rich heritage of six regions: Riau, Bali, West Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Maluku, all in one place.

The Bintan Cultural Festival is a celebration of Indonesia’s diverse culture and rich heritage that is widely expressed through performing arts as well as various forms of arts and crafts.

During the 11-day event, six major cultures will be showcased at various venues across Bintan Resorts. Visitors will be enchanted by the spectacular dance performances and extensive exhibit of handicrafts from Riau, Bali, West Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Maluku, as well as the opportunity to sample various authentic Indonesian cuisines and participate in traditional games and have fun taking photos of themselves in ethnic costumes.

Handicrafts Showcase
Adventure Tours Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage is truly reflected in its wide variety of handicrafts that can be found across the country, from intricate woodcarvings and sculpture for ornamentation and furniture to silverwork and engraving on metals, clay and stone. The fine art that is most synonymous with the country is probably the batik, which the Indonesians wear for occasions ranging from daily wear to international official events.

Authentic Indonesian Food
The variety of food in Adventure Tours Indonesia, like its culture, is immense. Popular dishes such as nasi goreng (fried rice) and mee goreng (fried noodles), or gado-gado (vegetables topped with peanut sauce and sliced boiled egg) and sweet desserts such as kueh-kueh (steamed cakes) are some typical Indonesian fare. Guests will be able to experience the different culinary styles of each province as well as sample a wide range of flavoursome culinary delights while basking in the lively atmosphere.

Traditional Dances
The rich cultural diversity of Indonesian is vividly expressed through the performing arts of music, dance and drama. Varying from region to region across the archipelago, the cultural dances of Indonesia are often inspired by folklores depicted by dramatic movements accompanied by traditional musical instruments.

Cultural Activities
During the festival, visitors to Bintan Resorts will also be able to try out some Adventure Tours traditional games, watch wood carving demonstrations as well as pick up some local handicrafts and food stuff at the night bazaar. On 15th March night, there will also be an Ogoh Ogoh Procession, a spectacular tradition practiced by the Balinese Hindus on the eve Nyepi day (Day of Silence) that is the Adventure Balinese New Year Day. Ogoh-Ogoh is a gigantic effigy of a demon that is paraded on the streets amidst noise and fiery flares before being burned as a way to get rid of evil.

Festival Launch Event
Come join us on 13th March 2010 from 4p.m. onwards at the Adventure Tours Reservoir Park! The launch event will feature a spectacular performance of all six cultural dance troupes, a multitude of local foodstuff and handicrafts for sale, as well as many entertaining games and activities for the whole family!

So mark your calendar now and come join us at the Bintan Cultural festival 2010!

Adventure Tours, Bali Adventure Toursim, Adventure Tours Vacations

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