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Absorb the Brilliance of Bali

Article by John Nathaniel

Indonesia has achieved the status of one of the top tourist destinations in the world by promoting its unique characteristics in order to attract the discerning traveler by capitalizing on its geographically and historically strategic position. As a country on the sea trade routes of India and China, the Indonesian archipelagos have a unique appeal to the Western tourist because of its rich history and cultural heritage. The myriad adventure sports available like scuba diving, water skiing, cruising around the islands to bird-watching and golf are some of the reasons for Bali being voted the world’s most favored tourist destination for many years.

Though there has been a dip in the tourist industry, it has regained its favored status once again, surpassing all industry estimates. Bali is also called the “Land of the Gods” or “The Land of the Thousand Puras”, due to the number of temples found there. It is also the home of many international award winning spas and resorts where one can rest and rejuvenate. Bali hotels accommodation ranges from luxury hotels, spas and resorts to budget hotels for those who want to travel on a shoe-string budget. The bird watching enthusiast can hire a boat and spend weeks roaming the Archipelagos as there are plenty of endemic flora and fauna.

Explore the Cuisine, Culture and Coral Reefs of Bali

The rich coral reefs offer some of the best diving sites for the scuba divers. For special celebrations and occasions there are luxurious resorts and boutique hotels. There are even fully furnished villas built like traditional houses available for rent, for those who want to experience the local life in Bali. For sports enthusiast Bali offers a variety of water sports. Bali has a local branch of almost all the international hotel chains, catering to the tourist industry. As 80% of the island’s population earns a living from the tourist industry, it has something for everyone, to suit one’s taste and wallet.

Like most tourist destinations, Bali also has a vibrant night life to cater to the Western traveler. As people, the Balinese respect Nature and their daily lives reflect this. They follow the ‘three-pronged path’ in life which is a mix of Hinduism, Buddhism and the native animistic culture. So the Balinese are famous for their calm demeanor and decorum which also help attract the tourists. takes you on a Journey to Magical Bali

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